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21.11.2019 Feature Article

A Quick Note To The University Of Arizona's College of Engineering

A Quick Note To The University Of Arizona's College of Engineering

Talking about world university research rankings, if the University of Arizona's Dr. Abraham Jalbout agrees to partner the brilliant Ghanaian marine engineer, and inventor, Raphael Afordoanyi, to build a prototype of his game-changing, serendipitous renewable energy sector invention, at the University of Arizona's College of Engineering, and help Raphael to patent his invention globally, the following positive outcomes would occur.

1) The University of Arizona would definitely become the global leader in researching stand-alone off-grid renewable energy power systems.

2) The University of Arizona's College of Engineering would be the proud enablers of a renewable energy invention that is the holy grail of the global clean power generation industry.

3) Empower humankind to underpin the global economy with 100 percent renewable energy stand-alone power systems that provide electricity at half current global tariff rates.

To use Ghanaian Pidgin English phraseology, the question is: "Abe Jalbout: Jack, where are you, at all?"

"Massa, Raphael Afordoanyi can't wait forever for you, oooo. We no be small boys oooo - we know the value of what we have, oooo. Abe, we only seek a win-win partnership, oooo. Case closed. Yoooooo. Hmmmm..."

Finally, one hopes that someone from the University of Arizona's College of Engineering will see this piece posted online, and quickly pass it on to the now-hard-to-locate Dr. Abraham Jalbout. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
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