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19.03.2006 General News

Why Prez Kufuor Left PNDC Explained

By pfm E.T. Mensah and Ndebugri A discussion in Parliament on Friday on the need to strengthen District Assemblies in the country degenerated into personal attacks between two MPs after they sought to explain why President Kufuor left the erstwhile Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) administration.

PNC MP for Zebilla, John Ndebugre told the house in the course of his contribution on the statement on the floor that President Kufuor left the administration because he wanted to accelerate the process of decentralization. But his comments were cut short by the NDC MP for Ningo-Prampram, E.T. Mensah, who drew the Speaker and the House's attention that the member was misleading the House.

But Mr. E. T. Mensah's intervention was brushed aside by Mr. Ndebugri and instead launched a personal attack on him. The situation then degenerated into personal attacks. We bring you the full transcripts of what took place in the House.

“I think I remember that his Excellency the President now, partly left the PNDC government because he wanted to accelerate the decentralization process by…

Deputy Chief Whip!

It is absolutely not correct that he wanted to accelerate anything that is why he left. He left because there was a demonstration against what they called the gang of four. The PDC's demonstrated against the gang of four, the President J.A Kufuor is one, Dr Obed Asamoah was err, err Order, Order!

Honourable Alhaji Iddrisu Mahama was one and KB Asante, they demonstrated and as they didn't trust them, they were people who you know, will pull the system back and after that the women also demonstrated to the local government ministry demanding a reduction of some goods. It was at the demonstration that he left so what you are saying is absolutely not correct. Thank you Mr Speaker.

“Thank you very much Mr Speaker I just want to say that err, err my good friend is not up to date because the time I'm talking about to the best of my knowledge, he was an accounts assistant at Legon and not involved in the revolution, anyway I will continue.”

Honourable member!

“He was in Nigeria, its not true, even accounts assistants in Legon are senior staff. I was a senior staff out there. You were brought from Nigeria with only a polythene bag.”

Deputy Chief Whip!

And, and was interviewed by Kwame Ahwoi. I was mayor of Accra.

Deputy Chief Whip! Cool down,

He was brought from Nigeria

Cool down!

“Yes sir, we met him at the airport, he was carrying a polythene bag” Cool down!

Thank you sir.