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19.03.2006 Gossips

Ghana First Gold Medal at the C'weath Games

By Kwasi Frempong London

The attitude of Ghanaian officials was exhibited at the Commonwealth Games which nealy cost us our first gold medal at the games. This motionless but true and dedicated Ghanaian Metja Freita was about to lift to glory his last weight of 175 kg when a foolish Ghanaian official came to tell him not to lift the last because he has already won to create confussion.

By the time they realised that there is a possibility for the guy in second who is India to steal the gold from the hard work of this dedicated Ghanaian he was asked to go. Even though he was able to lift his last weight but he was beaten by the time (2 minutes in which you have to lift your weight) so it was recorded as no lift.

The Indian who has to go last was supposed to lift 176 to take gold but he couldnt. Freitas has to wait in agony and confused for the stupidness on the part of the officials. We saw similar mistakes at the Olympic games relay team, the African Cup of Nation, boxing and they continue doing it with nobody holding them responsible for their foolish act. Well done Metja Freita to knock Ghana's first gold.