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20.11.2019 NPP News

NPP Amasaman Constituency Executives Sensitises Public On Referendum

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NPP Amasaman Constituency Executives Sensitises Public On Referendum
NOV 20, 2019 NPP NEWS

Constituency Executives of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Amasaman, have embarked on a Referendum Sensitisation Tour in the constituency.

The tour has been necessitated by the decision of the government to amend clauses 243(1) and 55(3) of the constitution to make the position of MMDCEs elective and subsequently legalize the participation of political parties in the district assembly and local unit elections. The tour is aimed at educating and sensitizing party members on the need to vote 'YES' massively in the upcoming referendum.

According to the Constituency Secretary, Samuel Acquah-Young, the Executive body had started educating its members on the decision taken by the party in relation to the impending referendum.

"We've already met and educated Electoral Area Coordinators and other Party stakeholders on why the Party is advocating for 'YES'.

According to him, on Sunday, November 10, 2019, the CEC had a meeting with Polling Station Executives in the Nsakina electoral area and took the opportunity to brief them on the referendum and what the party expects from them.

"Manhean electoral area have been briefed on same and other related issues. Last Sunday November 17, 2019, the CEC led by Mr. Acquah-Young and accompanied by Mr. Kamaldeen Ibrahim and John Davis (Opeimu Woyome) - Electoral & Research Officer and Constituency Communications Officer respectively, had an expanded electoral area meeting at Oduman, in the Nsakina electoral area, where all party members - both executives and non-executives - were invited. The encounter was very fruitful and revealing”.

The Constituency Executive Committee of Amasaman holds the view that the party has taken a decision and all party members are enjoined by article 3 (5A)(3 and 4) of the party constitution to:

1. be loyal and truthful to the Party;
2. abide by and publicly uphold the decisions of the Party;

They made further statements:
We have very responsible and visionary people as our leaders. Ghana has come this far politically, socially, and economically largely because of the meaningful and far-reaching contributions of the Danquah-Busia-Domo tradition. It's not this same tradition that will destroy the future of our dear country.

Let the Pharisaic NDC and their kind continue deceiving themselves that district level elections are currently non-partisan and the attempt to make it so will bring chaos.

Ghanaians have heard the brilliant speeches that their MPs, led by their Minority Leader, made in Parliament in support for partisan district level elections before the sudden populist u-turn decision to vote NO.

It’s intriguing, hypocritical and very pretentious that this same NDC party, preaching against the participation of political parties in our district assemblies and lower local government units, brought their National Executives to Amasaman to intercede and also whip party members inline for their assembly member aspirant - Love Alister, who is the immediate past Presiding Member. HYPOCRITES! who can't think and see beyond peddling falsehood and propaganda just to win elections.

It is on record that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is yet to support any decision, program or policy that has helped in the forward-movement and transformation of the country.

Their recent populist u-turn decision to vote NO in the December 17 referendum is a further demonstration of their notoriety for always kicking against good things: the usage of transparent ballot boxes and voting in the open, picture voter ID card, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), Computerized School Selection Placing System (CSSPS), Representation Of the People Amendment Act (ROPAA), biometric voter registration, free SHS, etc, etc, are just a few of the long list.

We are appealing to all Party members and Ghanaians, at large, to vote *YES* massively on December 17, 2019 to bring competition, quality, inclusion and a more effective decentralization system into our local government.