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20.11.2019 NDC News

Action Against Ras Mubarak Not Undemocratic — NDC

By News Desk
MP for Kumbugu, Ras Mubarak
NOV 20, 2019 NDC NEWS

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) says its decision to put members with opposing views to order, does not defeat the party’s principles of being democratic.

The statement comes after the party summoned its Member of Parliament for Kumbugu, Ras Mubarak, before a committee to explain his reason for challenging the party’s decision to vote a ‘No’ in the upcoming December 17 referendum.

Ras Mubarak, on the other hand, disagreed with the party’s decision and made an open declaration against the ‘No’ vote, “ on the fact that there is political party involvement in the elections, ” he explained.

Speaking on Top Story on Joy FM Tuesday, Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak, explained that, although democracy gives individual rights to decide on matters, individual decisions should not counter majority decisions in groups.

“When the current Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson issued a three-line whip in a particular vote, senior members of the party that chose to go otherwise have not been allowed to run this election,” he explained.

According to Muntaka, the declaration by his colleague MP defeated the purpose of his membership in the group.

He said Mr Ras Mubarak is expected to render an apology to the party for “the discomfort he has caused.”

“Yes, you can disagree with the group but you cannot say that the group’s decision is wrong.

“That’s the essence of democracy,” he added.

He indicated that although the Member of Parliament has the right to express a different view, he is expected to agree with the consensus reached by the majority of the group.

“In group dynamics, you cannot choose to go against the tide,” he said.

He clarified that, the party’s decision to call an opposing view to book does not defeat its purpose of being democratic.

Although the MP for Kumbugu has been discharged, the party maintains that a sanction will be applied depending on the level of remorse shown.

This, the party expects to be expressed in a letter of apology to be presented by the Kumbugu MP.