Give Your Emotions The Baby Seat

By Joseph Yaw Mawunyo
Commentary Give Your Emotions The Baby Seat
NOV 18, 2019 LISTEN

How we interact with people, interpret situations, spend money, manage our time, and how we handle challenges largely depends on our emotions; emotions are just a mental state of what our thoughts, how we feel, how we react and how we are affected by what is happening around us. So basically it is the chemical changes that happen in our nervous system associated with what happens inside (internal stimuli) and what happens outside (external stimuli).

Have you ever said something that you later regretted? Have you accused anyone wrongfully because of how you felt? How many times have you allowed fear to steal your joy or stopped you from taking steps in fulfilling that dream? All these are the power of our emotions. Emotions are real and are a big part of our lives than we imagine and accept.

The fact that we don’t acknowledge and accept our emotions is controlling us in many ways and stealing our joy. This is something that we were created with. Are you human? Then in your configuration, emotion was one of the elements that God used in forming us. This is why we are different from a tree or a stone and more valuable than animals.

We were all made to experience them and with them, our life as humans makes more sense. But the fact that we have emotions or the fact that they play a major role in our lives doesn’t mean we let them control it. Individually, we can be the best judges of how it ends for us when we let our anger push us into doing something. I have seen my heart broken by love one time and how love is messing people around me up and that fear in many ways is holding me back when it comes to loving someone and being loved by someone and it is not nice; that feeling is horrible. So you see?

This is why we have to control our emotions. We can only control them because we can’t cure them like we cure diseases or stop them like we would stop a wound from bleeding and we can’t ignore them because that is the worse part, ignoring our emotions only makes us bitter whiles tending to them makes us better. And before we can attend to them, we first have to accept them, because we can deal with what we don’t acknowledge.

It is very important to acknowledge our emotions and whiles we are doing that we also make sure they don’t control us. Remember we are not acknowledging them so that we give them the steering wheel to our lives but because we want to achieve the opposite.

A baby seat is simple terms is a car’s safety restraint designed for babies and young children. We give babies the baby seat to protect and keep them safe, to control their moment whiles we drive. We know babies, they can all of sudden craw under the seat and as a parent or parent to be, your attention could be divided and that could lead to serious consequences. So the baby seat is not only to protect the child but I believe the parent or the driver too.

And when the child is in the baby seat, do we for any reason hand the steering wheel to them? No! We don’t, because we fear for our lives. The same should apply to your emotions when you are giving them the baby seat, they can be with you, it makes you human but under no circumstance must you give them the steering wheel to your life.

So it is okay to have emotions and it is better when we acknowledge them but the fact that we do doesn’t mean we give them the lord over our lives. But just like a driver acknowledging that a child is a child and therefore gives him a baby seat, s should we acknowledge our emotions and give them the baby seat in our journey through life.

I pray you enjoyed this piece and learnt a lot concerning emotions. You can leave your comments and question and they will be addressed.

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