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18.11.2019 Feature Article

Transform Free State-Funded Boarding Senior High Schools Into World-Class Day Senior High Schools Nationwide

Transform Free State-Funded Boarding Senior High Schools Into World-Class Day Senior High Schools Nationwide

As a wise and aspirational African people, it is pretty odd that we are refusing to transform Ghana's many free state-funded boarding senior high schools into world-class day senior high schools - to enable us to sustain that vital social policy initiative. Is it because we are a nation of hypocrites - who refuse to discuss the pink elephant in the room, so to speak?

Although all our politicians know that it does not make sense financially for the state to continue spending hapless taxpayers' monies for children to attend government-owned senior boarding high schools (a privilege for which well-heeled Ghanaians ought to be made to pay the private-sector boarding senior high school owners, for their children to experience), not a single one of them has seen fit to raise the red flag yet. Their deafening silence is shocking and disgraceful. Mother Ghana deserves better.

Massa, ever mulled over what will happen when the global fossil fuel industry collapses (as they soon will, as sure as day follows night), and oil and gas revenues no longer count in the financial scheme of things, budget-wise, I ask? Yoooooo. Hmmmmm...

Yet, the plain truth is that financially, to sustain the free senior high school initiative in the longterm, as a social mobility empowering initiative for Ghanaian society's overall well-being, we must, of necessity, transform all the state-funded boarding senior high schools (which today, if we are honest with ourselves, are in efffect, cesspools of homosexuality and cesspits of all manner of infectious diseases), into world-class second-cycle day schools, nationwide. Full stop.

The question we must ponder over is: Why have we adopted a let-us-bury-our-heads-in-sand stance over this crucial matter? That is Ghanaian hypocrisy for you. We are hanging on to our old-boy-old-girl publicly-funded boarding senior high school social networks, come hell or high water, because it anchors the cronyism and nepotism slowly destroying our country. Hmmmm, eyeasem ooooo.

Finally, over the decades, those selfsame state-funded boarding senior high school old-boys-and-old-girls social networks, have been ruthlessly exploited by a powerful and greedy few - who have used it, and continue to use it, to further their top-secret-state-capture-agendas. State-funded free boarding senior high schools simply don't make sense financially. They must all be transforned into world-class free day senior high schools. Full stop. Yooooo. Hmmm, Oman Ghana, eyeasem ooooo - asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa!

Kofi Thompson
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