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16.11.2019 Letter

Letter to Jack Ma and Jet Li

By Obeng Frank
Letter to Jack Ma and Jet Li
NOV 16, 2019 LETTER

Hello Jack and Jet,
I am so happy you have finally touched down in my own country. Jet let's put all jokes aside, i will like to meet you personally for you to explain to me how come among the over 5b human beings on earth (minus 'the African witches') only you can fly. I don't even understand how you never got beaten. You MUST explain this to me

Hey Jack! Welcome to Ghana. You have always been our inspiration. Jack, I am a young entrepreneur trying to build a globally successful company like you did, will you grant me a short moment to pitch my startup idea to you? I WILL REALLY BE A FORTUNATE ONE. Besides, I will like to ask you a couple of questions about your successful journey.

Before i go, @Jet, I hope you have heard of a Ghanaian actor called Liwin who claims to be a kung-fu master? Ghanaians will really appreciate it to watch you two fight live on one of our national TV stations. I am very sure you will be beaten for the first time.😜

Thank you for coming to Ghana, you two are simply awesome. #AKWAABA

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