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17.03.2006 General News

NPP can’t declare itself 2008 winners, Mills cautions

By The Heritage
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The Former Vice President Professor Evan Atta Mills says the opposition NDC will not work with the ROPAL and will do everything thing possible to resist its implementation.

He said the party will not allow the situation where the NPP government would declare itself the winner and pull the wool over them, stressing enough is enough.

Speaking at Thursday's third in the series of the protest march organised by the Concerned Ghanaians, Prof Mills said the NPP won both the 2000 and 2004 elections without the 'burger' votes and wondered if that has undermined their legitimacy.

“They say charity begins at home and when we conduct elections in the country, electoral officers for fear of their lives inflate the figures on behalf of the NPP…we found that in Pru and how can we ensure that the figure from abroad will not be inflated by our ambassadors and High Commissioners?” he asked.

He said the protest was not only about ROPAL but the difficulty Ghanaians are going through and the insensitivity of government towards the plight of the people.

The National Chairman of the NDC, Dr Kwabena Adjei who took his turn to address the protestors, alleged that government appointees and ministers of the ruling NPP own petrol filling stations throughout the country.

He said they have also allocated to themselves all Ga Lands.

When the Heritage contacted him to substantiate his allegations, he immediately swallowed his words and asked the paper to conduct its own investigations.

“ Go and do your investigations… do you want me to do your work for you?… Go round and see for yourself… that is what I want you to find out, I want to make your work easy, you've got to believe in the work that you do… let me tell you, they own all the filling stations”, he alleged.