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16.11.2019 Feature Article

An Open Letter To David Eddy - Who Posts On Facebook

An Open Letter To David Eddy - Who Posts On Facebook

David Eddy thanks very much indeed for your very courteous reply. For your information, according to bush-telegraph sources, the 'Deep State' conspiracy theory exists only in the imaginations of narrow-minded ultra-right zealots. The question is: Are those who say so right in saying so?

And where did I insult Americans - who for many Africans are mostly regarded as a generous-spirited people who love freedom and are citizens of a leading democratic nation that is blessed with the greatest military force ever known in the history of humankind, the leadership of which always defer to the civil power, with the President of the United States of America as their Commander-In-Chief?

Furtheremore, please don't make me laugh: To say that Trump behaves like the leader of a banana republic is not to insult the good people of the United States of America. Nope. Sorry. One is merely stating a fact. Those ultra-right zealots who want to bury their heads in sand rather than accept that reality, are welcome to do so. No sweat. Cool.

The question we must ponder over is: Who would have thought - during the heady days of the early 1960s, when America was standing up to Nikita Khrushchev's Soviet Union, and demanding that it withdraw it's missiles from Cuba during the era-of-American-idealism symbolised by the youthful President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - that in 2016 the U.S. would have a self-seeking tax-dodger, and pathological-liar, beholden to Russia's secret services leading the world's greatest ever superpower the USA?

And, please, I actually don't rely on any mainstream media for on-the-ground information of what actually goes on in areas of the landmass of our one biosphere that interest me. There are much, much more reliable sources than that provided by the world's best intelligence agencies. Get, it?

As for the business about not caring, that is the whole point: ultra-right zealots don't understand that the one human race must, for existential-necessity-reasons, reach out to each other. Always. It is so incredibly shortsighted not to realise that.

Finally, speaking personally, I care deeply that people who are highly-intelligent and well-educated, such as yourself, can say such things. What is the world coming to, I ask? Some might say that the arrogance of your ilk is breathtaking - but I will never say that about anyone. I merely pity such folk. Thanks once more for sharing your views. Cool.

Kofi Thompson
Kofi Thompson, © 2019

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