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14.11.2019 International

Is Meghan Markle Pregnant Again?

Meghan's strategically placed hand caused a lot of talk
Meghan's strategically placed hand caused a lot of talk

Prince Harry had announced some time ago that he and Meghan Markle were planning "a maximum of two children" because of their concern about overpopulation. Therefore, their fans are now particularly excited about when the next good news will be announced.

And now some are speculating about a single sign that the couple may already be expecting baby number two.

Meghan's typical hand placement
The rumour first began when the Duke and Duchess came to the Festival of Remembrance this weekend with the rest of the royal family.

You could watch Meghan put her hand on her stomach several times that evening - a typical hand movement she made during her pregnancy with Archie, who is now six months old.

This movement, which lasts only a few seconds, can of course be totally harmless or just a habit. But some royal observers have already concluded that another baby may be on the way.

"It's all about hand placement," an eager speculator concluded on Instagram.

I'm 98.7% sure Meghan Markle is pregnant again.

- Anna (@annasolsvig) 7. November 2019
"That was my first thought when I saw her hand on her belly."

Someone else made his conviction public and twittered that he was "98.7% sure that Meghan Markle is pregnant again."

Gary speculates
Also the royal influencer Gary Janetti joined the speculations and uploaded a caricature showing how Prince George reacts to the infamous hand movement to the belly of his famous aunt.

Under the caricature was written "I KNOW YOU, THAT YOU ARE DAMNED NOW SWANGER!

Officially, however, nothing is known about whether Archie will have a sibling in the near future. Only last week the proud parents eagerly shared the latest milestones of their firstborn with the public.

During a visit to British military families, Meghan told those present that he was getting his first teeth.

"Archie has two teeth. Tiny, right here," she said, pointing to the spot in her own mouth.

But this was not the only milestone that little Archie has reached. Meghan told another mother that her son was starting to crawl.

At the same event, Prince Harry asked those present what it would be like to double the number of his children. Of course, this statement caused great excitement.

"Harry was really quite interested in how things went with the second child, because we both have older children," Susie Stringfellow told Forces Network.

We tried to encourage him to have a second child." Said, Holly Hales

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