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12.11.2019 General News

African Leaders Must Unite To Fight Against Xenophobic Attacks — Ayisi Boateng

By Anokye Elvis
African Leaders Must Unite To Fight Against Xenophobic Attacks — Ayisi Boateng

The High Commissioner of Ghana to South Africa, His Excellency George Ayisi -Boateng says fighting against xenophobic attacks in South Africa can be achieved it there is unity and love among African leaders.

He noted that it is time people of Africa particularly, South Africans exhibit love and unity towards foreigners in their countries and end the barbaric killings.

Adding that the effort of Africa Union in the fight against the canker would prove futile if there is no unity and love on the continent.

According to him, foreigners contribute largely to the development of a country through trade and investment to boost the economy and therefore should not be treated unfairly.

Speaking at the launching of Press Media Network’s on Saturday, 9th November, 2019 at the church of Pentecost Pretoria, Sunnyside, Mr. Ayisi Boateng called on religious leaders to pray for Africa.

“I will appeal to religious leaders to pray for love and unity among African leaders to bring an end of xenophobic attacks in South Africa,” he appealed.

According to him, the recent xenophobic attacks threaten the unity among Africans hence Africa Ambassadors are working assiduously towards establishing a permanent solution to the problem and it can only be achieved if there is love and unity among Africa leaders.

The High Commissioner comment comes after protesters in Turffontein, Johannesburg, looted shops as they demonstrated in the area on Monday morning.

The protesters targeted shops they believed are owned by foreign nationals. The protesters burnt tyres in the streets and forced passengers out of one taxi.

Several protesting residents told Press Radio they wanted foreigners to leave the area, claiming that they were behind drug-dealing in the area.

On Monday morning, police said 41 people had been arrested since the early hours of Sunday.