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12.11.2019 US & Canada

Bolivia's Evo Morales flees to Mexico

REUTERS/Manuel Claure
NOV 12, 2019 US & CANADA

Former Bolivian leader Evo Morales has left his country to take up political asylum in Mexico – as his supporters and opponents clashed on the streets of the capital, La Paz.

Announcing his departure on Twitter late Monday, Morales said it pained him to leave, but that he'd “always be watching” and would soon return with “more strength and energy".

Morales also said two of his homes had been attacked by vandals.

Mexico's foreign minister confirmed the former president had left on a military plane provided by Mexico.

Morales abruptly resigned on Sunday following three weeks of protests over his disputed re-election. He leaves behind a country in turmoil.

The military said it had agreed to back up police who have clashed with Morales supporters unhappy with the departure of their country's first indigenous president.

Hundreds of supporters had travelled to La Paz from nearby El Alto to protest outside the presidential palace.

Jeanine Anez, a senator poised to succeed Morales as interim president, has promised to call fresh elections.