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11.11.2019 Feature Article

Yes, Character Matters - When Choosing All Our Nation's Leaders

Yes, Character Matters - When Choosing All Our  Nation's Leaders

The link above will take readers to a very interesting piece entitled: "YOU CANNOT GET BY PRAYER WHAT SHOULD GET BY CHARACTER AND OBEDIENCE", which someone apparently posted anonymously on Facebook. Such is its relevance to halting the slow erosion of Ghanaian society's moral fabric, that I felt I had to find a way to bring it to the attention of my fellow compatriots - who like most of us also worry about the toll that lack-of-character amongst so many in our country's overall population, has on the nation-building task needed to empower our people to help transform ours into a prosperous African society.

Please find below the short comment I left on the page the piece was posted on, shortly after reading it.

Please read on:
Perhaps one ought to start off by pointing out the fact that what is about to be said here, is written with humility and in matter of fact fashion only: For decades, some of us have written articles condemning churches in Ghana, for failing to focus on character - as in simply being Christ-like in one's dealings with the world: both people and planet.

It should therefore not come as a surprise to the world at large, for example, that as a people, we talk endlessly about "local content" in growing our national economy, but seldom point out the fact that entrepreneurs who lack moral compasses and are contemptuous of corporate good governance principles, are unlikely to be successful in the longterm. Alas, they it is, who are responsible for most of the corruption dragging us back so.

Yet, a key intangible factor that is a prerequisite for long-term economic success, confidence, results directly from (amongst other factors, naturally), the honest endeavours of morally upright entrepreneurs who by paying fair wages and salaries to their employees, as well as constantly striving to meet all their tax obligations, thereby help to create the wealth and jobs needed to transform Ghanaian society into a prosperous and all-inclusive one: in which no one in our country who is willing to work hard, is left behind.

Yes, character does indeed matter, very, very, very much: in all spheres of human life. And that is why it is so crucial that we always look for it in all those whom we elect to serve us, the citizenry, and serve our homeland Ghana, in successive governments of the day. Full stop. Cool.

Kofi Thompson
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