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09.11.2019 Feature Article

Open-minded People take all the glory of Life!

30.10.2019, Hamburg/Germany, classroom: Sisters Anna P. (16 years) and Jennifer P. (13 years), Vietnamese saying to Ng Andre N. (12 years), Vietnamese: "So, the girl you fell in love is a White Girl, right? Like we all fall for white people."

Ng Andre, laughing: "Yes, she is a white girl."

"No, I was born here and even my parents are from Ghana, I have no intention to live in Ghana. I was there also only two times in my life. Most of my friends are white people as I do not like to mix with black people too much!" Samuel D. (16 years).

Unknown matured man at Bus Stop Fabriciusstraße (Mitte), Hamburg/Germany, 5.11.2019: "No, most of us from Africa, like me from Ghana, are not in Germany because it is our dream country and that we do not love Ghana...but see Sir, in my own country I have no good future for me and my family. So, what to do there? I do not think that so many Africains would come to the countries of the White Man if the living conditions in their own countries would be okay for them!"

Alberta H.: "No, no...I do not want to associate myself with the black people around me in the neighbourhood rather mix with you white people as the spirit we Blacks carry is not good for me at all!"

Henry from Cameroon: "There is nothing good coming from Africa, Sir. I am a simple worker here in Hamburg. The money I make each months is just enough to feed us here as a family. I always get calls from home asking me for money, someone is sick in hospital, someone needs rent advance, someone has no money to eat. When I have I give, when I have not, I turn my mobile phone off to have peace of mind from my family and friends in Africa. Many of us when returning home play big boys to feel good, here their are simple small boys instead. Our families that suffer in Africa for nothing basically tel us that made it into a better country ungreatful when we do not share the small money we earn with them....Sir, I am honestly telling you we Blacks here cannot solve all the problems of all our families in Africa...and they do not understand nor appreciate our good thoughts for them! So heart breaking for us here, Sir. When my wife was pregnant no one of her family cared to call her asking how she was on!"

Open minded people take a moment or two to reflect on this so typical statements. Does it mean, Europeans are better people or rather reflect issues in the economy, politics and cultural life of certain countries...once solved, will boost these nations and make them stand tall with no one ever wishing to leave them; and suitecases stored away unattended, dusted by time in the closets?

As humans we were all born naked, only our sex was dividing us in male and female to be fruitful and multiply. As Karl Marx once wrote in his book "The Capital" our circumstances shape our understanding of the world and determine the outcome of our lives. He did not come to realize that the circumstances we see around us were produced by our minds with a backfire into our way of thinking. When we change our mind by our own free will we all process whether free, torchered or imprisoned (check our bible!), we impart positvely onto our circumstances. Belief in a greater power becomes the power in us to overcome evilness and hardship. While Africa is doing its best by churches endless in numbers to overcome African withcraft and leave the spirit of darkness behind, in Europe the numbers of church goers are declining with churches to be closed and sold off as private houses, the economies are still far advancing compared to the situation onto the African continent for which the Africans are in charge and have the responsibility in their own hands to stop any White Man negatively interfereing in their own affairs.

Ghana´s current President, Nana Akuffo-Addo, promised to Ghanaians to sign a close cooperation contract with Ivory Coast as both countries control approx. 70-80% of the cocoa export market starting the process like the Arabs with their OPEC in Vienna to determine the price of oil accordingly to their needs. "FairTrade" Chocolate would become a part of history when done - so what!?- as the price would automatically increase, farmers would get a better income and production of chocolate at affordable price for more Ghanaians/Ivorians would be possible due to lower production cost compared to todays situation. Does anyone know out there what happened to his promise as only lawyers need to draft a contract and signatures of both Presidents must be given...normally an issue of less than 3 maximum 6 months?

It is NOT the job of the White Man to unite Africa by which many problems can be solved !

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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