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08.11.2019 International

Without Health Insurance No US Visa - Trump Changes Regulations

US President Donald Trump: No health insurance no US Visa and no Entry
LISTEN NOV 8, 2019
US President Donald Trump: No health insurance no US Visa and no Entry

The US President Donald John Trump had made the tightening of immigration policy one of the main objectives of his term of office.

In future, immigrants will only be allowed to enter the USA if they can prove that they do not burden the American health system. That is what President Trump has ordered.

The US government does not want to allow immigrants who are unable to pay their own health costs into the country in the future. According to an order signed by US President Donald Trump, a visa may only be issued if the applicant can prove that he "does not significantly burden" the US healthcare system. Immigrants must prove that they have health insurance or can pay their own medical bills.

"Immigrants entering this country should no longer burden our healthcare system and, as a result, American taxpayers with higher costs," Trump explained in the order. The regulation will come into force on November 3.

US President Donald Trump has made the fight against immigration one of his main concerns and has pushed forward far-reaching reforms of immigration law since taking office.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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