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07.11.2019 Press Statement

Uncle Allotey Jacobs Should Comment Like A Social Commentator As He Claimed — NDC Group

By News Desk
Allotey Jacobs

The leaders of Patriots of Awutu Senya West listened to Uncle Bernard Allotey Jacobs that there is nothing wrong for Mr. President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo surround himself with his friends and family members in his government. We felt sad to hear that from him when most of the youth look up to him in all aspects of life.

We were happy to hear that Uncle Allotey Jacobs has become a social commentator who will always speak for the voiceless in the country but it does not seem so.

If Mr. Bernard Allotey is saying even in the Bible, Daivd governed with family and friends how does that relate to Nana Addo's government? We want to ask MR. BERNARD ALLOTEY JACOBS some questions:

1. Was David voted for?
2. Is president the same as a king?
3. Does he know that, in David's kingdom which was even supposed to be ruled with only family and friends, Absalom stood against David - 2nd Samuel chapter 13 onwards!?

4. How was the end of David?
5. Is NPP an Akyem kingdom in which Nana Addo can rule with family, friends, ex-wives?

Since we see him(Uncle Allotey) to be someone who has a lot of wisdom, he should not mislead the people of Ghana.

Mr. Allotey Jacobs, we do not want you to behave like some people we know who are at the verge of dying so they are selling the lands that belongs to their family stools.

We advice that Mr. Allotey should join NPP or NDC properly so we can understand him better because social commentators do not comment that way.

We believe that he(Allotey Jacobs) is not a sellout to speak for a specific political party since he is a social commentator.

Long live Ghana
Long live Awutu Senya West
Long live Patriots of Awutu Senya West
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Dominic Appiah
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