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07.11.2019 General News

Retired Officer Warns State To Handle ACP Agordzo's Case With Care

ACP Agordzo appeared in court Wednesday.
LISTEN NOV 7, 2019
ACP Agordzo appeared in court Wednesday.

A retired police officer Superintendent Paul Avuyi has asked state prosecutors and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to handle the case against outspoken police officer, ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo, with care.

The top cop has been accused by the state of abetting an attempt to destabilise the country.

He has been remanded into BNI custody until November 8 after appearing in court for the first time on Wednesday.

Speaking to Joy FM’s Top Story Wednesday, Superintendent Paul Avuyi, cautioned the BNI to be more circumspect with information relating to the ongoing investigation to avoid “demoralising officers.”

He said officers who work closely with the accused cop would be downhearted by what is going on.

“Even I was shocked” upon hearing ACP Agordzo had been arrested, he noted adding that he worked with him in the past.

What does the prosecution have on Agordzo?

State prosecutors have alleged ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo drafted a protest speech for a group that was allegedly scheming to take over the reins of government illegally.

The group, Take Action Ghana (TAG), according to prosecutors, intended to organise demonstrations against the government in preparation to take over government machinery.

Dr Agordzo is the 10th person to be charged in connection with what state prosecutors say was an elaborate plot targeted at the Presidency.

The documents filed by the prosecutors conclude that Agordzo “drafted a speech to be delivered on that fateful day of the demonstration.”

At the BNI offices, ACP Agordzo was confronted with the messages from a group platform on WhatsApp in which he had allegedly advised members who were planning a demonstration to seek police permit.

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