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06.11.2019 US & Canada

She Showed Trump The Middle Finger - Now She Has Won An Election, Cyclist Beats Republican

This action cost Juli Briskman the job: as the President's motorcade drove past her, she showed the finger of stink
NOV 6, 2019 US & CANADA
This action cost Juli Briskman the job: as the President's motorcade drove past her, she showed the finger of stink

She became famous through an extraordinary photo: While she was overtaken by the President Trump's motorcade, the cyclist Juli Briskman, showed Trump the "stinky finger", now she has won an election for the Democrats.

With an unusual action she became famous, now she also starts politically

Democratic politician Juli Briskman has ousted her Republican opponent from office after 18 years in regional elections in Virginia. Briskman became famous in 2017 when she gave her opinion to US President Donald Trump in a special way. She was cycling along a road when she was overtaken by Trump's motorcade. She showed the president the "stinky finger", a photographer from the White House captured the scene. The photo then went virally.

Briskman now won a seat on the so-called "Board of Supervisors". This body controls the work of the local administrative authorities. Previously, Suzanne Volpe had held the post for 18 years. It is Briskman's first political office. The viral photo hit not only brought Briskam advantages. She was then employed by a company that worked for the governor. She then lost her job.

For the Democrats it wasn't the only election defeat on Tuesday. In addition to the replacement of many regional offices, governor and parliamentary elections were also on the agenda in three states. The Democrats fighting against Trump prevailed in Virginia and Kentucky. In Mississippi, however, the Republican candidate won the governor's election.

The elections were considered a mood test just one year before the start of the next presidential elections. For Trump they mean a severe defeat.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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