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06.11.2019 Headlines

Alleged Coup Plot: Allegations Against Me Frivolous – ACP Agordzo

By News Desk
Alleged Coup Plot: Allegations Against Me Frivolous – ACP Agordzo

The senior police officer, Commissioner of Police (ACP), Dr Benjamin Agordzo who is under investigation for an alleged coup plot says he is innocent.

According to ACP Agordzo, he believes he is being victimized due to how he freely expresses himself as a citizen.

Speaking after a court appearance today, Wednesday, ACP Agordzo denied any involvement in a plot to destabilize the state.


“The charges are frivolous. I am as strong as anything. Nobody should bog me, I have not committed any crime. I have done nothing wrong. The President called upon us to be citizens so when I express my opinion on WhatsApp platforms unrelated to any alleged coup nobody should bog me down. I will stand for this till the end. You cannot break me down because I am strong for anything.”

Dr. Benjamin Agordzo was arraigned today, Wednesday at the Kaneshie District Court.

He was on Tuesday denied bail by the BNI after spending two nights in the BNI custody over his alleged involvement in the suspected plot by some persons to destabilize the country.

He is the third top police officer to have been invited and questioned for his alleged involvement in the supposed plot.

The family of the suspect and his lawyer say it appears he's only a victim of witch-hunting by the state.


Other arrested suspects

Some nine persons including Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, who's believed to be the lead mastermind, have been charged for treason felony and are standing trial.

Former Executive Secretary at the office of the IGP, Superintendent Peter Toobu Lanchene and COP Nathan Kofi Boakye are also being investigated over the same issue.