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04.11.2019 Regional News

W/R: Over 150 People Affected By River Ankobra Flood In Prestea

W/R: Over 150 People Affected By River Ankobra Flood In Prestea

Victims of River Ankobra floods in Himan and Ankobra Communities in the Prestea Huni –Valley Municipality of the Western Region, are still counting their losses after the river swept through the communities.

The main activities you see each day are residents pulling out and cleaning items which have absorbed water and mud due to the covering of the water.

It is a sad spectacle as individuals affected have to make do with only one dress throughout the days of the hexed situation.

Over a hundred and fifty residents in Himan and Ankobra Communities are currently estimated to have been affected.

The Prestea Huni- Valley Municipality National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Boss, Francis Abeiku Yankah who gave the figure after visiting the communities, Friday November 1, described the situation as “very bad”

He said “the situation is very bad. The water has virtually covered most of the buildings. In Himan in particular, it is serious.”

Mr. Yankah however said it is likely some will not be supported with relief items when it is found out that, they built close to the river without permit. This is because he thinks they remained adamant when warnings were being sent out.

He stated that his office will soon provide some relief items to the victims to sustain them for some time whiles they look forward to improving their living conditions.

“I have spoken with my regional NADMO director and the Member of Parliament Mrs. Barbara Oteng Gyasi to support with items like rice, oil, mattresses and others which will help them in these times.”, Mr. Yankah said.

The Municipal NADMO Director tells that, his office together with the Chief of the area will make sure those who have built close to the river will be evacuated.

“Immediately the water recedes, we will ask them to move away from the area” he stated.

Mr. Yankah partly attributed the flooding to the many years of illegal mining activities on the river.

On Wednesday, October 30, Himan and Ankobra Communities in the Prestea Huni- Valley Municipality were submerged in flood, after the Ankobra River in Prestea overran its banks.

The flood, which destroyed several properties running into thousands of Ghana Cedis, also pushed out the affected families to seek refuge in classrooms in the communities.