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03.11.2019 Feature Article

The Downfall of the Ghanaian is his own Making

The Downfall of the Ghanaian is his own Making

Until the Ghanaian, and by extension anyone of Black African extraction, will be respected and accepted by our White contemporaries as human being worthy of their coequalness, they would have to credibly satisfy certain requirements. In our current state of being completely misfits, avariciously corrupt, selfish and myopic in any position we find ourselves or entrusted with, we have a milestone to travel. This is a fact that any honest Ghanaian worth his salt, and bestowed with an iota of wisdom, intelligence and godliness, cannot dispute.

If any domestic or wild animal, irrespective of how tiny and docile they are, is forced into a corner where it begins to feel threatened, it will fight back to regain its freedom. Classical examples could be the spitting black cobra (snake) and our pet or domesticated cats and fowls. Those of us who go to the farm or are farmers, when you chance upon a snake, it starts to slither away when it sees or hears that someone is approaching, unless it is waiting in ambush for a prey. However, if you repeatedly try to obstruct it from wriggling away, it will turn back to face you in attempt to fight for its life. This is where the cobra spits into your eyes or rushes on you to bite you. When you threateningly force a cat or your own pet cat or dog into a corner, and it begins to realise its life is in danger, it will spring to attack you in order to regain its freedom. Similarly, when a cock or a hen feels its private space is dangerously being invaded, especially when it is a brooder, it will jump to attack the intruder or the predator.

If animals have got the instinct to defend themselves and their rights, why should Ghanaians or Africans, human beings of course, resign themselves to fate, letting fate take its natural course in their lives instead of bending fate to suit them? When our leaders, those we cast our votes to elect, or are appointed to hold positions of trust, begin to abuse their positions or abuse the very citizens who placed them in such positions, all that you hear the Ghanaian says is, “There is nothing that we can do to them or about their corrupt behaviours. We leave them into the able hands of God to deal with them”

Sorry, if a snake, cat or hen/cock had felt same as the Ghanaian who thinks he is incapable of, and unable to, doing, anything when he/she is being abused, it would always be cornered, deprived of its freedom or life. When the ordinary animal that cannot reason as we human beings do according to our belief, has got the gut feeling to defend themselves when they sense to be in danger as described above, why can’t the Ghanaian, a human being born with senses?

Most often, friends tell me, stop your fight to ensuring the collective interests of Ghanaians as you being one person, cannot do anything to effect positive changes. My response to them has always been, “An idea to do something credible or wicked is not born out of the minds of many people at the same time. It first occurs to one person who shares it with others or persuades them to buy into it and when it is accepted, it gets carried out or it becomes an axiom”. Although one tree cannot make a forest, that one tree plays its vital role among the others in the forest.

Why have Ghanaians resigned themselves so much to impotency to allow our corrupt politicians, corrupt police officers, corrupt lawyers and judges, corrupt traditional chiefs etc., to continually abuse our rights? Why should we allow them to abuse their positions to our collective detriment, feeling there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it? I cannot get my head around this!

Does it matter to us when the Whiteman tells us the painful bitter truth? Whenever they point out our shortcomings to us in a bitter but honest way, the Ghanaian or the African jumps for their defensive weapon which is always RACIST. He tells the Whiteman you are RACIST! No, the Whiteman is not racist but he is telling you the gospel truth to help you sit up and be doing.

Do we hear the bitter truth said about us by the American President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron? They all seem to be saying the same thing. All that they say is how Africans are not up and doing but have allowed themselves to be engulfed in abject poverty brought about by their leaderships’ infatuation with corruption. In putting across their honest views about Africans, they do not spare us of insults. To them, it appears as if we have senses but are completely stupid. They don’t understand why we love things that will in the end not help us as humans. We love sex. We dote on corrupt practices. We are ready to kill our own brothers when we are offered money and tasked through persuasion to do so. The derogatory statements they make, or things they say, among many others, to convey the uselessness of the Ghanaian or the African to their attention, are all true.

Are all that they say about us not facts? They are! Why should we as citizens be afraid to challenge our police officers who stand by the roadsides collecting bribes rather than doing the very job for which they are paid by the Ghanaian taxpayers to do? Why should we sit down to allow selfish and greedy politicians to fool us all of the time as though, we were not born with an iota of brain in our heads? Why are we not seeking the appropriate methods to compel our corrupt judges and conniving lawyers to deliver justice to all based on facts and availability of credible evidence but rather allowing them to deliver justice based on how much one can bribe them, or on one’s elevated status in the society?

Why do Ghanaians or Africans love hero-worshipping their highly educated ones, especially those with PhD degrees, but are unfortunately unable to do anything sensible to help their lot? These educated ones and their rich only love lording themselves over the poor who form the majority of the citizenry.

Until Ghanaians change their attitudes which are indeed problematic and the cause of their penury, inability to do anything sensible, we shall continue to stagnate, wobbling painfully in abundance of diseases, premature deaths, treatment as subhuman with the possibility of succumbing gradually to a purposeful extermination at the hands of some powerful humans.

Will you, my reader, change from your selfish greedy pursuits to rather seek the collective interests of Ghanaians, the only way you can earn the respect of your contemporary Whites to save your lot from denigration, tormenting diseases, unexplained deaths and intentional extermination? The frenzy quest by the Ghanaian to earn quick buck, culminating in acts of "sakawa", ritual murders etc., will not help us at all as a people and a nation. Truly, a person's enemy is him or herself!

Rockson Adofo

Saturday, 02 November 2019

Rockson Adofo
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