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11.03.2006 General News

Press Statement By Rojo Mettle-Nunoo

By Rojo Mettle Nunoo

...ON FRONT PAGE STORY OF DAILY GUIDE ISSUE NO.1668 OF FRIDAY, MARCH 10 2006, CAPTIONED NDC'S ROJO ARRESTED OVER $38 MILLION COCAINE HAUL. This press statement is being issued by me this day xxx, March 2006 as a direct response to a Daily Guide front page story by Baby Ansabah which tries to link my person to a drug case being currently investigated by the Rapid Response Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

Firstly the screaming banner headline - NDC's Rojo arrested over $38 million cocaine haul, is misleading, dishonest and politically motivated to tarnish my reputation and impugn dishonesty with my person, character and hard earned reputation.

I wish to assure NDC supporters and sympathizers that the NDC's Rojo Mettle-Nunoo does not deal in drugs and has no drugs business with drug dealers. The Daily Guide may have a problem convincing the public that the NPP's Eric Amoateng, whom they had tried to “clear” of dealing in heroin, as they had published in their paper, is indeed not a drug dealer.

Eric Amoateng's heroin-dealing case may be haunting the NPP, but that does not give the party's surrogate newspaper, the Daily Guide, the license to attempt to sully my name and to involve a respectable personality like Professor Mills or a respectable political party like the NDC.

Contrary to the Daily Guide story, I was never arrested by the police. I was called by phone by one DSP Tabiri and we agreed on a date and time for me to come over to the Police Headquarters for a discussion. He did not indicate the subject during the telephone conversation. However on arriving there at the appointed date and time he indicated that they were still carrying out investigations on a cocaine case involving two Venezuelans, hence their calling me.

In the said publication, the paper specifically referred to me as a Deputy Director of a company called Compimchis. I do not know any company called Compimchis.