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02.11.2019 Poem

Motivation And Inspiration Only Works Ceteris Paribus

By Brian Kazungu
Motivation And Inspiration Only Works Ceteris Paribus
NOV 2, 2019 POEM

Some say a motivational speaker is what it takes to get you there
Others say an inspirational teacher is what you need to rise up there
But it's only true ceteris paribus I say

As they motivate us to keep thinking, working and moving forward
As they inspire us to look beyond our circumstances
Wisdom, discipline, morality and work ethics, must never leave us

Yes, they say motivation is the nourishment of the mind
Indeed, they preach inspiration is the energy of the heart
But these alone do not translate to automatic accomplishment I say

For an inspired fool is his own danger
And a motivated ignorant is his own stabber
Since sooner or later in failure and disappointment will he once again stagger

Yes, motivation and inspiration cools the soul in the heat of life
But wisdom, knowledge and understanding are the indispensable tools of life
Which makes your dreams come true in the pursuit of a good life

Therefore, as you get inspired, never forget to be rightly informed
As you get motivated to move mountains, never forget to be well behaved
As you are motivated and inspired to dream big, never forget to work and think

For motivation and inspiration only works ceteris paribus I say
Because without wisdom, knowledge and understanding
No further than here can these take us

©Brian Kazungu, 24/02/2017