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02.11.2019 General News

Arrest Prophet Badu Kobi Over ‘Wee Miracle' — Maurice Ampaw To Police

By News Desk
Arrest Prophet Badu Kobi Over ‘Wee Miracle' — Maurice Ampaw To Police

It would be recalled that the Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Badu Kobi, together with Rev. Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel were invited to a church of another popular Ghanaian preacher Abruku Abruka for a three days restoration programme.

During Rev. Obofour’s time of the programme, he asked if anyone in the Church auditorium had marijuana and astonishingly, a man by name Razak stepped forward with a small box containing one roll of wee. The controversial Pastor asked the man to light the banned drug and smoke for him to verify if it was truly ‘wee’ so he could deliver him from the smoking habit.

To the chagrin of the congregation, Razak obliged by smoking the banned hemp in the Church.

Following a call for his arrest by Boamah Darko of Hot 93.9FM for instructing Razak to smoke the hemp in the Church, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr James Oppong-Boanuh gave a directive to the Accra Regional Command for Rev.Obofour to be invited and questioned.

On October 29, 2019, Reverend Obofour was accordingly invited and he reported at the Regional Command on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 with his counsel.

Rev. Obofour was quoted by the police as saying in his statement that “while in the spiritual realm, the Holy Spirit directed him to deliver a congregant who was in the habit of smoking Wee.”

He stated that he only got to know that he had delivered somebody after the church service and as such, it was a spiritual direction.

Speaking on Rev. Obofour’s arrest, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw delineated candidly that, Pastor Badu Kobi must also be arrested for encouraging the former to instruct Razak to smoke the banned hemp.

The controversial lawyer explained to Boamah Darko on Hot FM that, “Kobi, those influential people who were there must also be arrested….Badu Kobi sat there and the offence was committed…They’ve all committed a serious offence”.

The celebrity Lawyer justified his claims by indicating that,” If you come and visit me, and am raping a girl, and you sit and watch me rape her without saying anything, it means you are encouraging me to commit crime because you are also happy”.

Kindly watch excerpts of the interview in the video below!