Gabby Mourns More Than The Mourner

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General News Gabby Asare Otchere Darko
NOV 1, 2019 LISTEN
Gabby Asare Otchere Darko

Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, Senior Partner, Africa Legal Associates and former director of the Dankwa Institute and a cousin of the President Akufo-Addo, seems to be heavily down for the Power Distribution Services (PDS) debacle.

He is been brooding over the termination of the ECG/ PDS contract as if his very life depended on it either directly or remotely.

Speaking on the Asempa Fm’s“Ekosii Sen” current affairs programme on the PDS saga, he sort of blamed the government for terminating the contract and nearly broke down in sympathy for Mr Philip Ayensu, one of the lead promoters of the deal.

Mr Ayensu, formerly linked with Charterhouse Productions and the Multimedia Broadcasting Group, was Chairman of the PDS Board overseeing the PDS deal on behalf of the 51% shareholders.

Philip Ayensu, is owner of the Exclusive Men Barbering Boutique at East Legon,in Accra.

“I would rather lose $190m than lose a big asset to one I am not sure of - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

[I don't know where the US Gov't is getting its advice from on this PDS fiasco - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

We should have sympathy for the Ghanaian Shareholders in PDS. They worked very hard but to no avail - @GabbyDarko

(Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

I was not for this whole ECG concession & have no interest in PDS - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

Those claiming the whole PDS deal is family & friends should credit us with some intelligence. No new company was added to bid after NPP took over - @GabbyDarko

(Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

Santa Baron
Philip is NPP I know. Fred Asamani is not NPP & I sometimes hear he is closer to NDC. Is Santa Baron NPP? I hope Sikkens is NPP but don't know. So what is the fuss about we assembling NPP Members for PDS? - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

I don't have shares in PDS. Philip Ayensu is my friend & that is it. I'm a transnational Lawyer & advises my friend Philip on many things - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

All six companies were shortlisted before @NAkufoAddo assumed power so what is family &7 friends? - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

Akufo Addo did not like the 80-20 arrangement in the ECG Concession when he became president so fresh discussions were started - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

Nobody in Ghana opposed private participation in the management of ECG - @GabbyDarko

(Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

I personally feel sad about the turn of events in this whole PDS saga because of my friend Philip Ayensu - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

Jo Australia
PDS did not commit any fraud but Jo Australia. If there is anything fraud then it is from Jo Australia - @GabbyDarko

(Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

Philip Ayensu informed me about his interest in PDS & I normally advise him not officially but as a transaction Lawyer - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart) on the PDS brouhaha. #Ekosiisen.

Philip Ayensu
The Chairman of PDS, Philip Ayensu is my friend & neighbour so the situation is difficult for me - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart) on the PDS brouhaha. #Ekosiisen

I believe there is fraud in the PDS deal but not from PDS but Jo Autralia & Al Koot - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

We should celebrate Ghanaians who are doing good - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

I am very sad because my good friend Philip Ayensu has lost out of something he toiled for - @GabbyDarko

(Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

I hope Philip Ayensu can organize himself & comeback stronger because he worked his hearts out for this PDS deal - @GabbyDarko (Private Legal Practitioner & NPP Stalwart). #Ekosiisen

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