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10.03.2006 Tabloid News

Man pleads with Judge to send him to Nsawam prisons

By Ghanaian Chronicle

A 25-year-old man who was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment with hard labour by a Koforidua circuit court for defiling a 12-year-old girl has pleaded with the judge to send him to the Nsawam Prisons, instead of the Koforidua Prisons. According to Yaw Asike, who is a driver, “conditions at the Nsawam prisons is not so harsh as that of the Koforidua prisons” but the presiding judge, His Honour, N.C.A Agbevor, refused to heed to his request, saying that it was left to prison officials to decide which prison to send him.

Passing his sentence, the judge stated that he would not have pity on the accused because his conduct on March 2, 2005 was “that of a beast” and recommended that he serve his entire sentence without clemency.

“Your conduct on March 2 was that of a beast. It requires that you be locked away from society. To have drugged her into a bush, ravished her to excrete, bleed through the nose and vagina and abandoned her to be discovered by others is unpardonable,” he stated.

He continued that from the analysis of evidence and reasons given the court, he was satisfied that the prosecution has led sufficient evidence in support of the charge against the accused and thus find the accused guilty of the offence.

Prosecution Chief Inspector Adzraku told the court that on March 2, 2005, at about 6:15 am, the victim was going to school and met the accused, who asked her to accompany him to collect money from his father, who is a bank manager.

Victim refused but accused managed to convince her and took her to the Koforidua Secondary Technical School.

Upon reaching the school, accused used a handkerchief to whip her face making her unconscious.

When she came to herself, she realized that she was naked and lying in a banana farm behind the school with blood oozing from her vagina.

She drew the attention of her plight to some people working on a farm not too far away who took her to the hospital and then to women and juvenile unit of the police service.

Accused was later arrested on March 9 and brought to court for prosecution.