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29.10.2019 Business Features

African Smart Entrepreneurial Cities

By Naseem Javed
African Smart Entrepreneurial Cities
LISTEN OCT 29, 2019

An entrepreneurial city is a smart and prosperous city. Technologies now allow amazing options to mobilize local hidden talents into massive entrepreneurial drives. How many cities Africa would like to see prosperous, smart and filled with dynamic entrepreneurs? How can city’s leadership achieve all this in the fastest time, with maximum impact and at lowest costs? If African Leadership were to open bold debates and discussions and let global components intermingle in such debates new ideas and new options will emerge.

Here are some suggestions.
Municipal leaders across the world are now competing in a global economy. Municipal Futurism demands unlocking the local entrepreneurial spirit and emerging companies in greater local communities to create grassroots prosperity. Key suggestions on how management of municipalities becomes well equipped and more focused on these international opportunities for business growth.

How to create an entrepreneurial grassroots economy:

Municipal economies can prepare a solid backbone to engage with national or global economies.

The exportability of goods and services has become a fine art. Creating global-age access is now a new science. And, bold discussions and dialogue about these challenges are strong local leadership techniques. How fast can a municipality identify local leaderships and create a bounce with experts in global space of exportability, smart-cities, lifelong learning and create a powerful round-table debate leading to tangible and deliverable results. Pragmatism deployed on entrepreneurial basis is the fastest way to get results. What will the local leadership require become the question of the day?

Step One:
A municipal district must create a logical and pragmatic working model. A region must discover the hidden and untapped talents of its citizens. Local governments can help to mobilize small and medium businesses across their region. An effective technique is to adopt continuous self-learning to foster occupational superiority for the region. Local leadership must demonstrate a refined understanding of entrepreneurial skills.

The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such increased volumes. The entrepreneurial, but sometimes dormant, talents of any nation are capable of such tasks. The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the critically missing links.

Step Two:
Local leadership should bring the bigger picture closer to the local community. The following five pillars of global age transformation will help lead to improved local prosperity:

*Global age exportability:
Encourage local companies to think globally and encourage export of products and services

*Global age thinking:
Operate like a multinational organization
*Global age modeling:
Consider the international context when planning for local and regional economies

*Global age execution:
Training of staff and planning of strategies need to consider the global impact

*Global age presence:
Local municipalities need global vision and local companies need to build an international presence

Step Three:
Adopt the master guidelines of the National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism to assist with developing a working strategy. Help small and mid-sized businesses with deliverable and implementable ideas. This can be started by identifying small and mid-sized enterprises within a city that have an agenda to expand their exportability. This requires the systematically classified assembly of ultra modern, digital and current profiles of small and mid-sized enterprises within the region.

Step Four:
Develop local and national connections with other already-mandated bodies to foster local economic growth, like the Chambers of Commerce and major Trade Associations. These organizations can help to upgrade local businesses to world-class digital platforms and help to showcase their goods and services. This is more like the LinkedIn format with colorful and highly interactive platforms. This is about master blueprinting and engaging with real entrepreneurial talents to grow their national/global accessibility.

Step Five:
Conduct high caliber local and national discussions and develop strategies. This is all about creating advanced and authoritative knowledge to stand up to global exportability of goods and services. Bringing all parties on a local/national/global platform and sharing the refined message with the world is the real driver. Expothon Strategy is creating local alliances with Chambers, City Halls and local government agencies already mandated to foster export growth and economic developments.

Local communities are already flooded with innovations, but they often lack massive commercialization of local products and services. City halls and local economic development agencies often support business incubators and small business accelerators. Now they need to help optimize local business and really push entrepreneurial and global efforts.

How cities can mobilize entrepreneurialism:

Currently, towns and cities in Canada share similar problems:

-much of their local entrepreneurial talent is hidden.

- available infrastructure is under-utilized
- global-age expansion is seriously untapped
-small and medium-sized businesses are often not focused on global opportunities

Roundtable discussions with gatekeepers of local prosperity are a good starting point for local communities to support entrepreneurism.

Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher, Chairman, Expothon Worldwide a Canadian think-tank on national mobilization of entrepreneurial powers and innovative performance now getting global attention on platform economy. His recent book Alpha Dreamers

Copyright 2015-2019 Naseem Javed

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