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26.10.2019 Feature Article

Send All Politicians to prison!

Send All Politicians to prison!
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The role of Politicians is to enhance the history of their people in the context of world affairs to well find their way onto a higher level. As a State consist of "1.) State Territory/Boundaries, 2.) Citizen 3.) State Power". While these three elements are mainly statured on and in black and white, it is people that perform on these elements and shape the countries in either way having to use their visionary mind for big jumps into their people`s future.

States are unable to perform in a way unless their people give them money, technically called Taxes. The money raised by the state and entrusted by the tax payers/voters/citizens to be managed in accordance to their expressed will, must only be handled in the best interest of the citizens. For the citizens to be willing to pay their share of their economic activities, they must know to get value for money.

The Trustees of Taxes, popularly called Politicians, when wanting to lift up other countries on humanitarian, economic or political grounds have to ensure tax payers’ money is well and orderly spend to harvest success for both sides involved. To hold Politicians accountable for their actions is not only to be at the ballot box but when knowingly and intentionally misusing the tax payers money purse should also be punished severely with prison sentences in all form of governance.

White societies help developing counties with donor funding and AID support financed by their citizen`s tax payers money. In the past such money was given for projects that failed on mainly two occasions. Corrupt societies and their elite did not make the chosen projects see all the money send to them via their governments while the second phase we are in tries to ensure money reaches where it is supposed to help trusting a hugh chunk, even not all, of the foreign tax payer´s money has a positive impact. Since the start of donor funding for the past two generations clearly shows this strategy and thinking has failed otherwise poor nations would be no more on planet earth, especially on the African continent. Many projects constantly collapse for obvious reasons being replaced by another set of projects heading for collapse, the devil`s cycle. These investments into Africa helps the Whites to manage the flow of African migrants into their countries and make them survive for the world not to see unnecessary human disasters while keeping the Black Man still under his feet, it is a very shortsighted policy backfiring in years to come even harder into the faces of the power houses we know of today.

As Politics is Politics, a word of hope for the better and an instrument for wicked-minded people, trust in Politicians is all-important on both sides of the political game, the giver and the receiver/beggar. The citizen of the Giver have to know their hard worked for money is used effectively and honestly, while the Receiver/Beggar must tell and demonstrate to their people to use the accepted funding honestly for the best interest of the Nation supported. The vital element in a society is trust in its Leaders and their political, economic and cultural development. Revolutions occur not only when new ideas emerge and want to see the light of the day, but the second element is trust that has faded away into people comprising the national elite. If Friedrich Ebert, President of the Weimarer Republic, would have not seen his untimely death, potentially the Third Reich would have not taken over; and if Fürst Otto von Bismark would not have been ousted by the Kaiser, World War I might not have happened.

This world is full of laws and regulations mend to fight corruption, which is misuse of money for personal gains. The effectiveness various widely from country to country. All countries yet have in common, especially in Democracies, responsible Politicians will only be hold politically responsible for misplaced tax payers money, not legally. As long as they can get away with such "Gentleman Misfortune Style", not much can be expected to improve. Do citizens deserve better, sure. The elites change from generation to generation but their core behavior stays the same, true at all times in history and societies. Sad to realize or human nature?


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