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09.03.2006 Gossips

DaimlerChrysler Bribery scandals -Names Released

By Cliford Adams
DaimlerChrysler Bribery scandals  -Names Released
LISTEN MAR 9, 2006

The names of the Ghana government officials bribed by DaimlerChrysler is now known. Sources close to the investigation have leaked the names to me, but they will be made public in the not too distant future. Those who received the bribes are ______ [name removed]. They all influenced the importation of Benz cars to Ghana. It was a whistleblower-spurred inquiry into 'improper payments' (read: bribes) that led DaimlerChrysler start an investigation.

The mole in question claims that he was fired after complaining to his bosses regarding a 'secret bank account' employed to bribe foreign officials in developing markets-- namely Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The payoffs potentially run afoul of U.S. and German laws, along with being illegal in the countries whose officials received the money.