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24.10.2019 Editorial

Long, Tortuous Road To Light

By Daily Guide
Long, Tortuous Road To Light
LISTEN OCT 24, 2019

We neither expected the road to the end of the power concession agreement to be long nor tortuous. Maybe had we looked sharp as relevant government agents did, we would have seen the shortcomings and advocated a reversal long before now.

The nature of the initiators, cunning and mischievous, should also have prompted more questions. Better late than never is a relevant mantra here.

As we continue to sneer at those who led us into the slaughterhouse of the PDS unhealthy deal, they have been the loudest in the condemnation of the realignment of the ratios, one of the many contentious aspects of the deal.  There were many more it was to be seen later.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) presents us with an unusual logic in the manner they have dealt with the PDS public debate. It is a logic which is not hinged on solid premises and, therefore, cannot end with a sound conclusion.

They claim the President stands to benefit by the ratio as altered in opposition to what his predecessor had agreed upon with the other party.

Were their arguments valid and not the kind they spew out for the sake of propaganda, the cornerstone of their campaign, the President should have rather insisted on the maintenance of the status quo.

Now that in spite of their unsubstantiated allegations against the President he has been on the side of termination we would have wished to hear from them.

At a certain time in the history of a nation, some decisions must be taken regardless of their implications on the state's kitty. The MCC deal is a typical example.

We are glad that the keepers of the state purse took the path they did following the inability of the two parties, Ghana and America, to agree on the path to tread.

Government feels strongly and with verifiable evidence that the deal was not in our favour as a country. Considering the oath he swore to manage this country in the best of fashions, the President could not have done anything different from what he did as the man at the helm.

We have taken note of the statement from the US Embassy on the subject where mention is made about the sanctification of contracts or deals which the Americans are committed to. Ghana too is a respecter of contracts where these are entered into without integrity blemishes.

The Ghanaian government, the US Embassy would have noted, of course, the challenges the incumbent government encountered upon taking over the reins of administration.

We cannot think of any contract initiated by the erstwhile administration which did not carry integrity baggage.

Under the circumstances, therefore, necessary realignments and outright revocations following due process are the best options hence the fate of the PDC/ECG concession.

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