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Tribute From Dzolali 1980 Year Group To Our Mate MHB 490

By Vincent Kosi
Tribute From Dzolali 1980 Year Group To Our Mate MHB 490
LISTEN OCT 24, 2019

Fight the good fight with all thy might,

Christ is thy strength and Christ thy right,

Lay hold on life and it shall be,
Thy joy and crown it eternally
It seems like yesterday when we parted ways from Keta Secondary school, now Keta Senior Technical High school located in Dzelukope in the Volta region.

At school we all called him NAGOJO or simply Joe Nogoo.

As a form one boy he was drafted into the school football team where he distinguished himself as a defender playing at the number four position. Joe Nogoo had a slim body that gave bulky attackers the false impression that he could be pushed and shoved around. He jumped higher for air balls and ran faster than any attacker on loose balls.

In form three Joe Nogoo gave up on football and went into athletics. He was the hundred yards ( Now hundred meters) runner for the school. One distinct thing about him was his quick start on the blocks. We don’t know how he did it but he could fly out with the starter’s gun while others are left on the blocks contemplating whether to give chase or give up.

On one occasion a runner by name Xenyo(God bless his soul) decided to give Joe Nogoo a chase. It was a remarkable race since Xenyo finally caught up with Nogoo and both ended up breaking the inter school record of the southern zone in the hundred yards (hundred meters).

In camp, Joe Nogoo was the one who kept the camp lively by telling good stories and good jokes. He is the first to be on the field for training and the last to leave.

When he was not participating in any event, Nogoo was there to give support to the other athletes and soccer players. Nogoo would be seen running on the touchline urging the players on, particularly when we were down. He never got tired of giving out all his energy just to see his school team win. He was a great comforter to losers and cheerer of winners.

Nogoo won a lot of laurels at the Inter Schools, inter zonals, Regional and National levels that made Ketasco proud.

Until he fell sick some seventeen (17) years ago, Nogoo was a very active member of the 1980 year group and supported financially. Distance was not a hindrance to his participation in the activities of the 1980 year group. From far away Aflao he made sure he was physically present at all our programs.

This is the person we mourn today. When such a time comes like this, we should all be grateful for the time we spent with Nagojo.

We cannot say more but just say as year mates we love you more than more, we love you more than many, and we love you more than most.

Nagojo farewell, may God be with you till we meet again.

Keta secondary school 1980 Year Group

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