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08.03.2006 General News

Will NPP field Wayo Seini?

By Daily Dispatch
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The Tamale Central bye-election is likely to be held either on April 7 or April 8, 2006, reports the Daily Dispatch.

The seat became vacant following the resignation of the Tamale Central MP, Prof Alhassan Wayo Seini last Thursday and defected to his mother party, the NPP.

Analysis done by the Daily Dispatch newspaper say the ruling party's national chairman, Peter Mac Manu and his executives should be answering the question within the week, as to whether the NPP should field Prof Seini as its candidate.

An emergency NPP national executive meeting was held on Tuesday to discuss Prof Seini's return and other matters.

The unfortunate circumstances, which surrounded the murder of the Ya Na and 40 others, divided the Dagbon community on political lines.

The Ya Na was from the Andani Gate of the Yendi skin and it hardened the resolve of the Andanis against the Danquah Busia political tradition.

The Andanis has traditionally been supporters of the Nkrumahist political tradition and the absence of a strong Nkrumahist party made them drift to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The Abudu Gate of the Yendi Skin have always been supporters of the Danquah Busia tradition.

It was against this background that Prof Seini, an Andani and National Vice Chairman of the NPP resigned from his position and joined the NDC.

One of his reasons for resigning was the indifferent approach by the NPP government towards resolving the Dagbon crisis.

He was on the forefront of numerous press conferences by the Andani faction, often acting as the spokesman.

Analysts believe that if even the NPP does not field him as a candidate for the Tamale Central bye election, it is important for the sake of the Professor's own credibility to clear up a few issues.

He would have to, in the next few days tell Ghanaians what has changed about the way and manner the NPP government has handled the Dagbon crisis.

Another issue or circumstance that many Ghanaians will be on the look out for will be how Prof Seini will relate to the Abudu's in the scheme of politics in Northern Ghana.

No matter who the NPP fields as its candidate in the Tamale Central Bye-election, the party has a difficult task on hand.

It has a difference of over 11,000 votes to catch up, as per the results of the 2004 Parliamentary elections.