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18.10.2019 Feature Article

A colored man's essay to his white brothers: Our blackness intimidates your whiteness!!!

A colored man's essay to his white brothers: Our blackness intimidates your whiteness!!!
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Tongues will not play melodies to announce our presence, nor will eyes to welcome our excellence. But like lights in the darkness, we glow atop you: our white, yellow and pink cousins. Inferior, we are not! For our inferiority fathered your supposed superiority. Yes! Your hatred for us is born out of the bitterness of being enriched by the same skin you direly despise.

When you occupied our lands like ants, when you parted and shared our lands like lions to a carcass, that was your perception of enlightenment. And now, you made it look like an invasion, when a few of our brothers sought their fates in your lands...entirely forgetting how Africa was once your "heaven", you treat our brothers as though, Africa ran out of lands.

What have you not fed us with your failed agenda of brainwashing, which you deceptively packaged as education? What headache have you not given us, with this element of acculturation you called democracy? You seem to have a single solution to almost all problems of other people, yet you failed to solve your over-dependence on Africa for survival. You claim to be disturbed when an anomaly is detected in the continent of Africa, but when such is detected on your lands, it becomes innovation!

"...Voodoism, witchcraft and extensive spirituality are bad for the development of your continent..." we have heard you, Mr white man, but how is your gaysm and your other numerous pervert lifestyles better than ours? How is a gay better than a fetish priest? How is a lesbian better than a witch? I am confused! Tell me how your gaysm will speedy up my continent's development since you are bent on selling it to me. Tell me how it is better than my witchcraft. The same witchcraft you re-branded as your technology.

Do not be fooled, brother. We had our systemized education before you brought your indoctrination. What at all has the white man given the black man, that has not stolen from him? What? Is it your education? how much do we pay for it? Now, you complain about corruption, as if it is not a child of your democracy. You complain about global warming, as if it is not a child of your industrialization. You empathize our penury, as if it is not a child of your colonization. And without any shame, you tell us not to blame you for our problems...Like, are you for real, Mister?

After realizing how unbroken we still appear despite your efforts to break us down, you targeted our weakest link. You targeted our women! You got most of them convinced that, there was something wrong with our skin, our blackness! By doing so, you succeeded in selling your hot substances to them to apply and look like you. Need not say, you created another race through this. The ''black and white'' Africans, I call them. As if that was not enough, you brainwashed our women with your ''women are equal to men'' mantra in lieu of women empowerment. For how long should we continue imitating you; the creatures who think themselves wiser than their creator?

With your LGBT agenda, you sought to correct the 'mistakes' you saw with God's creation. With absurdity, some of my black brothers shamelessly bought into this idea of yours. Like, have we ever concerned ourselves with matters of your whiteness? I think not! So why would you not stop concerning yourselves with matters of our blackness? I will tell you why... you hate seeing the originality in our being. you hate watching the morality that characterize every African community. My brother, you simply hate to live with the truth; that is, imitating our ways with your enormous sophistication. So, you broke us and cunningly made us imitate you instead.

When war is mentioned, you will say it is Africa. I don't know whether the Kosovan war, your world wars and other bloody conflicts of yours, all took place in Africa. When homelessness is mentioned, you will say it is Africa. But the last time I checked, India and the US both, were none African nations with huge stats of homelessness. Mention over-population and you will say it is Africa. How do I then explain to my younger brother that, with a population of 1.47 billion, China is populated than the rest of Africa? Even with Africa's 1.25 billion people, India, another none African nation, can boast of 1.38 billion people. So why have you forced our kids to consume this palpable lie?... I repeat, you just want to break Africa!

But it seems we aided you in this more than we rebelled against it. What I am even saying? I forgot Africans once sold our brothers and fathers to you, our white and yellow cousins. Even that, I would gladly say, our black brothers were again under a spell mustered with your filthy tricks. You were here to trade, as you would aptly put it. Which trade? I beg to ask. Is it the trade that gave us what you despised or the trade that gave you what we cherished? It is the trade that gave us your surplus or the trade that gave you our treasures?...Hard to tell!

This agenda you once called trade, was engendered to propel your white race over our blackness. The evidence is clear to see! There is nothing in Africa that is strange to your world, Mister. But there is actually everything in your world that is strange to Africa. You kill your kind much as we do, you are corrupted much as we are, you are enlightened much as we are and as you would expect, we are ignorant much as you are. But we do not go about organizing naked parties like you do, we do no encourage same sex marriages like you do and in fact, we will not advice our kids to change their genders like you do.

So, do not make it look like barbaric people live here. The only thing you can boast over us was unwittingly giving to you by us; that is, your unmatched development and advancement. And what did we get in return, the countless racial abuses that characterize all events you see us participating with unmatched skills and enthusiasm.

That city you call home might have been built by your grandfather's thoughts and capital, but with my grandpa's sweats and blood serving as the water that mixed the concrete for its foundations to be laid. So dear cousin, the next time you see a man of color, call him your brother and perhaps give him a hug...our relationship is worth everything, I believe!

- Adam Thualethu Uthamah

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Adam Thualethu Uthamah
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