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17.10.2019 Feature Article

What Is The Life Span Of Your Christian Experience?

What Is The Life Span Of Your Christian Experience?
LISTEN OCT 17, 2019

Many started this year as believers but as we speak now they are herbalists or atheists, others were astute church members but as at now they have not only left church but they have switched faith and if you ask why? They will say “we all serving the same God or I trusted God for something and he didn’t do it” yet that was a prayer warrior hitherto. Many families have decided to subscribe to the technology of the devil for protection yet they came from Christian homes. A young man who was an SU executive in school is now a gang leader and if you ask him what happened, he will say “we have seen the truth, there is no God” yet that was the same guy defending God every Sunday on campus but today, what happened? Let me ask you a question: What is the life span of your Christian experience?

Many ladies started the year with a marriage ring on the fourth finger of their left hand only to return from work to see a divorced letter from an angry husband who have no idea about fatherhood, as we speak they are divorced and the year is almost ending and a prospective future husband doesn’t look promising. These are faithful tithers and prayer warriors yet with unending worries. Many of our men and women started the year with appointment letters for employment as we speak now they are home not because they failed to meet their targets but because of the financial service sector clean-up. Also, 80% of families in Africa cannot afford to live up to $1 a day statistically proven, what then happens to their livelihood on earth. You slept well and woke up sick and tired yet with no money to go to the hospital for medication and you are a Christian, what will you do? Many pastors boldly came out and said the Lord has called me into the prosperity and soul winning fold of ministry and after 2 years, they couldn’t pay rent and the landlord is kicking them out, as we speak they don’t have a church yet they are anointed, boss! What will you do?

The purpose of this letter is not to jeer up the victims but to find out from us, if everything fails and the son of man comes on earth, will He find faith on earth? When all your prayers are not answered despite your knowledge about the mysteries of the kingdom, will your Christianity still be preserved? Apostle, when the church refused to grow will you still be a man of God? You prayed for a job and you watch your fellow unemployed friend getting that job whiles you remain home, what will you do? You planned marrying a man just for you to receive a wedding invitation from your best friend marrying that same man, young lady! What will happen to your Christian life afterwards? When you have prayed for others to be healed and you yourself still remain sick, what happens? Will you still call God “your father in Heaven or you will refer to him as a scammer?”

What is the life span of your Christian experience? Do we only remain Christians if things are working out or we pledged allegiance to God that “no matter what happens to us, we will still be in the faith”. In this day and age if you tie God to only answered prayers you will be frustrated, why? Because there are prayers he has answered but because it doesn’t look like what we prayed for, we don’t appreciate it. The best way is to declare your stand like the three Hebrew guys said “even if God delivers us or not, we will still not bow”. Fellow Christians! Times are getting hard, it will take more than denominational affinity to stand the end-time hardship. There is a promise of deliverance for the saint, certainly there is but we are saying that should everything fail “will you still be in the faith”.

I quote proverbs 24:10 as I end, “if you FAINT in the days of ADVERSITY then your strength is small”. May we receive strength to stand against the odds whiles we trust God for the best.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Strengthen me in times of hardship, May I never respond to situations at the expense of my salvation, Help me God. In JESUS’ NAME.

R. Duafah
[email protected]

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