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05.03.2006 Diaspora News

Northern Leadership Group of the NPP on ROPAB

By Kweku D. Mensah

The Northern Leadership Group of the NPP, North America Chapter, has expressed its gratitude and appreciation to Parliament and the Government of Ghana for passing the Representation of the Peoples Bill into an Act of Parliament.

In addition, the group also congratulated the President J.A. Kuffour for the prompt action to sign the bill, which has undoubtedly brought hope and joy to many Ghanaians living abroad.

In a statement signed by Mr. Issaka Zira, President of the group, a think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C., the group declared their unflinching support for the President and the Government for their commitment to pursuing progressive policies in the face of formidable opposition.

The Group urged the Electoral Commission to immediately make public its preparedness or otherwise, regarding its mandate to interpret and implement the ROPAB Act. Mr. Zira further explained that, as a matter of great importance and concern to many Ghanaians, the EC should deliberate and come out with comments on the new law regarding not only its position and role in implementation but also those of Ghanaian individuals and groups abroad.

The President of the Group urged Ghanaians who disagreed with the passing of the Bill to have a change of heart and support its implementation adding; “one day, it will benefit some of you or your children”.

Meanwhile, The Northern Leadership Group urged the Government to embark on an educational drive to explain further the purpose of the Bill to all Ghanaians, either home or abroad.