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16.10.2019 Liberia

Student University Party Warns Weah’s Gov't To Lift Ban On Student Politics

By Ephraim T. Nyumah
Student University Party Warns Weah’s Gov't To Lift Ban On Student Politics
LISTEN OCT 16, 2019

Campus Release - October 16, 2019
SUP calls on Weah’s government to pay University of Liberia’s staffs; gives UL Administration 48 hours to lift the ban on students’ politics, condemns the ruthless brutalization of peaceful MCSS students by the Liberia National Police.

Conscious students of the Liberia’s premier institution of higher learning, sons and daughters of the shantytowns, the economically oppressed and neglected mass of our people, state abandoned peasants of the hamlets, ideological comrades and compeers, enthusiasts of social justice and academic freedom, idealists of Massacracy, unrelenting campaigners of popular power and genuine democracy, fighting cadres and courageous ideologues of Africa’s biggest stockpile of true consciousness and political enlightenment-Vanguard Student Unification Party!

SUP calls on the Government of Liberia to immediately pay the salaries and benefits of the University of Liberia staffs. Information gathered by SUP from the inner cycle of the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) has confirmed that the Government of Liberia is yet to pay the salaries of the University’s staffs for over two months. This is unconditionally unacceptable and further validates our earlier position that the Weah’s Administration does not value education. SUP wants to inform the Government that the students are the direct victims of consistent delay in the payment of salaries as such action undermines the quality of education being acquire at the State-run University of Liberia.

SUP gives the Administration of the University of Liberia forty eight (48) hours to lift the ban on students’ politics or will use all means available to restore the rights of over nineteen thousand students of the University. SUP sees the perpetual ban on students’ political activities as direct action of the Weah’s Administration to silence us from unearthing the ills at the University and the State.

SUP sees this as a flagrant violation of fundamental human rights and wants to fearlessly inform the UL Administration that if the ban on students’ politics is not lifted in 48 hours, we will persistently and radically interpret the 1986 constitution of Liberia to Madam Ophelia Weeks and President George Weah. The perpetual ban on students’ politics clearly indicates the reincarnation of Doe and Taylor’s dictatorial and autocratic tendencies; SUP has never succumb to any oppressive regime and dictators. Henceforth, it is now time that we reopen the book of history and interpret contemporary revolutionary literatures to Madam Weeks and President Weah.

The right to assemble and associate is guaranteed by Article 17 of the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, Article 19 & 20 of the 1989 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 21 & 22 of the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Articles 10 & 11 of the African Chapter on Human and People’s Rights and the 2012 UL Students Handbook; not even Madam Weeks or President Weah deny us these rights.

SUP strongly condemns the brutalization of peaceful students by the Liberia National Police in the presence of its Inspector General, Col. Ptrick Sudue. On October 15, 2019 we witnessed the ruthless mad-handling of peaceful students who assembled at the Foreign Affairs to demand the attention of National Government over to the refusal of their teachers to administer their first period exam on allegation of not being paid for the month. Unfortunately, those kids were heartlessly flogged and abused by the Liberia National Police. SUP strongly condemns this unprofessional action exhibited by the LNP on the direct instruction of Patrick Sudue and calls on the International Community and all national and international human right groupies to warn the partisan police headed by an unprofessional Inspector General – Patrick Sudue.

It is our right to participate in politics – it is our right to assemble and associate – it is our right to freely speak – it is our right to critique. No one can take these rights from us. We are prepared to defend them with every fiber of our being. Viva Massescracy – Viva social justice, academic freedom and peace, Aluta, the STRUGGLE continues!

Signed: ____________________________ Approved: ________________________

Cde. S. Ephraim T. Nyumah Cde. Mohammed Deygbo

Secretary General/SUP Chairman/SUP

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