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16.10.2019 General News

[Video/Pictures] Heavy September Rains Leave 20 Dead In Upper East

[Video/Pictures] Heavy September Rains Leave 20 Dead In Upper East
LISTEN OCT 16, 2019

At least 20 people have died in floods across the Upper East Region in the last month due to heavy downpour, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has said.

Joy News’ Upper East region correspondent, Albert Sore reported that over 200 houses have also collapsed, leaving hundreds of people homeless and seeking refuge with their relatives.

The National Disaster Management Organization in that Region says it is still collating figures on the impact of the disaster.

Regional Director in-charge of Operations, David Mbah said although an assessment of the disaster has yet to be completed, the death toll could rise.

Describing the situation as “so pathetic”, Mr Mbah called on “all bodies concerned, because the relief that we have may not be enough to cover all affected victims.

“We still need the support of government and other NGOs and benevolent organisations that can help support us give relief to victims of this disaster,” he added.

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Portions of a bridge in the Builsa North District which connects Jansa and neightbouring communities to Sandema, the District capital has also been washed away.

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