Patriots Of Awutu Senya West Welcome Investors

By Ransford Chatman Vanni-Amoah
Press Statement Patriots Of Awutu Senya West Welcome Investors
OCT 14, 2019 LISTEN

The Patriots of Awutu Senya West wish to call on all the good people of Awutu to come together to help the Awutuland.

We all agree that Rome was not built in a day hence unified and steady work will make our land beautiful in future like Rome.

We also call on other brethren out there to come home to help us build Awutu together. Nobody can develop our district for us but ourselves.

We, on behalf of the good people of Awutu Senya West, thank the following companies for coming to Awutuland and help our youth in terms of employment and also providing goods and services to Awutu Senya West people and beyond.

We thank Imperial homes for building up a nice 2-classroom block with ancillary for Awutu St. Kilian Roman school.

We thank the owners of Appeb cylinder Manufacturing company Ltd for nice factory they are putting up at Awutu Oshimpo No.2

We thank Engineers Without Borders for installing Solar lights at Obrachire Senior/Tech. School, at Awutu Obrachire. The students are grateful.

We again thank the owners of Posa Industries Ltd, Awutu Ofaso, the manufacturing of Lacquer will not only bring employment but will help CR and Ghana as a whole. Though it is not ready, we know it will help us in so many ways.

We bless KT investment and Everyday living T-Roll manufacturing companies they have set up to help engage our youth in gainful employment.

We thank all the other factories viz. the stonequarrying factories, and all other factories we couldn't mention.

Last but not least, we thank all the NGOs who are putting up toilet facilities and boreholes in our district. For E.g GGG assisted a lot though we learnt it is no more operating here

We pray that God will continue to help them to help others in Awutu senya west and Ghana as whole.

We are also looking forward to seeing our Paint factory the NPP government promised us in 2016. Awutu Senya West must be developed.

Thank you.
Long live Awutu Senya West
Long live Young Patriots of Awutu Senya West
Long live Ghana
Thank you
Eric Appiah
Abigail Quaye
Kofi Alla
Isaac Affum
055 483 5253
Esi Cole
Dominic Appiah

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