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11.10.2019 Opinion

The President Has Spoken

By Daily Guide
President Nana Akufo-Addo
LISTEN OCT 11, 2019
President Nana Akufo-Addo

Make no mistake, Kwame, they are going to come at you with words about democracy; you are going to be pinned to the wall and warned about decency; plump-faced men will mumble academic phrases about 'sound' development; gentlemen of the cloth will speak unctuously of values and standards; in short, a barrage of concentrated arguments will be hurled at you to persuade you to temper the pace and drive of your movement…

The above is part of a letter written to Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah by Richard Wright in 1954, excerpts of it I culled from 'Dark Days In Ghana'. Yes, the great man suffered the machinations of the Western World immediately after the nation's independence from colonial rule. But did he suffer those externally induced political pressures alone during his time as the leader of this nation? All governments in our history have had the unpleasant periods of having policies drawn outside this country being forced down their throats in many subtle means to the discomfort of those implementing them locally.

Many of such policies have come with financial bates dangling before our noses and because we need those funds as much as the body needs the blood, our leaders have had very little resistance to some of the packages, the contents of which are, in more cases than not, not easily discernible. In many instances, some leaders have had to use brutal force to enforce the policies shaped for us from without when the citizens have resisted the implementation of those policies. In some cases, the enforcement of those policies has led to the removal of or change of governments.

The dilemma of our leaders implementing policies which in their own minds are not suitable for our circumstances and conditions, have compelled some of them to defend what many of us would say are indefensible. Our political and economic situations have been tele-guided by powers outside our shores thus creating political instability at various times. What is worse now is the attempt over the past decade for our values and moral structures to be completely brought down by forces that are so poor in values and morality, the only thing they have is money and the law. And they are attempting to use those monies to wipe off the only immaterial assets that make us who we are – our values and morality, even if they have been punctured a bit.

They began with LGBT and the rest and our leaders resisted. I remember the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills telling the world that he was not going to assent to anything from Parliament and elevate it into a law should lesbianism and gay be brought before him. That was very reassuring even though I had wished he had stated emphatically that his government would not initiate any bill to Parliament regarding legalizing gay and lesbianism. My reason being that, under our current dispensation it is the ruling government that initiates bills and send them to Parliament. Be that as it may, we did not see it in his time.

However, the forces behind it did not rest on their oars, they re-packaged it as part of our education system so that they can 'catch Ghanaians young' in this abominable human endeavour. As expected, the revulsion from Ghanaians of all walks of life has indicated that we may be financially poor, but we will hold high our values and stick to our morals no matter what. The debate was heated, the denials were intense, but records available were unimpeachable that something of that nature was in the pipeline.

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has spoken in very unambiguous terms that as long as he remains the President of the Republic, he would neither drag Ghana nor its children into any such thing that defies the values, principles and morality of this nation. He was emphatic in his meetings with faith based organisations. I believe his message is to all of us Ghanaians of different political persuasions as well as religious persuasions. I am an atheist; under no circumstances will I support or allow the satanic proposals to be used as a teaching material for my grandchildren, hell no.

Those of us who thought the issue was a good political material to be latched on as we gradually move into the year 2020 for political gains, I think we should re-direct our energies and thoughts unto something else. It is also very important for the appointees of the President to be cautious with what policies they throw out to the populace when those policies are only at the discussion stage and have not been accepted and approved by Cabinet. The haste to announce policies that are yet to be fully discussed and approved by Cabinet, if rejected by the populace, puts the government on the defensive and in a very bad light. This is what we have being through these past few weeks.

The question now is, where did it all begin and where is it coming from, the very people who used certain values and morality to capture our minds and ways of doing things, the very people who told us the likes and dislikes of God the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and God of purity and honesty, are the same people who are corrupting and destroying our old age values and morality, long before their ancestors set foot on our soil. They came to us as if we did not have values, principles and morals. They thought us their version of values and morality excluding sexuality as being preached and forced down our throats today. We were not practicing their kind of sexuality anyway, when they came.

What has changed? Has their God changed his ways, values, principles and morality? If this satanic programmes they want to impose on our children are not from their God, how can we be sure that those they foisted on our ancestors, which have enslaved all of us today, claiming they were from their God, indeed came from their God? If on the other hand they came from their God, are these satanic doctrines replacement for the pious and saintly doctrines which were thought us in the times of yore and has made many of us lazy thinkers and foolishly dependent on God for all our material things?

Are we to throw away the hackneyed syllabus which preaches saintly values and paves the way for us in heaven with the satanic and unnatural carnal relationship between females on the one side, and between males on the other side, two married males, one of them being the wife and the other being the husband just as two married females have a wife and a husband. The continued assessment of our thoughts and actions by the white supremacists and the impositions of comprehensive education, using our poverty as baits, will continue unabated as long as our internal actions and inactions make us relatively poor and overly dependent on them.

As long as our life styles and consumption patterns are beyond our ability to produce those things we have become insatiably enamoured with persists, as long as we see everything we produce in this country as inferior and have unadulterated preferences for what is produced outside this country, our minds and thoughts will be toyed with a few millions of dollars as baits. To allow sexuality, as defined in the various literature available to be imparted to our kids, would have been the most destructive legacy to be bequeathed to a generation. Nana Addo says he will never do it. What about those ahead?

Daavi, give me three tots

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