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10.10.2019 Feature Article

Should Ghanaian Males Guilty Of Sexual Harassment Seek Psychological Help?

Should Ghanaian Males Guilty Of Sexual Harassment  Seek Psychological Help?
LISTEN OCT 10, 2019

Massa, this joke is in very bad taste. The egregious sexual harassment of females of the species in Ghana, by philandering misogynists, is no joking matter for those at the receiving end of that unpardonable abomination.

It is vital that the more responsible sections of the Ghanaian media, recognise that this is a watershed moment in our national life. The time has come for women who have been victims of sexually-harassing males, in powerful positions in all spheres of Ghanaian society, to name and shame them. The media must support them to do so.

Sexual harrassment is demeaning to women and Ghanaian men must somehow be forced to put a stop to it - and that can only happen when gender parity becomes one of the underpinnings of our society. Now. Not tomorrow. Haaba.

Professor Gyampo who has been accused of sexual harassment, can redeem himself, by being honest about this character-failing of his, and apologise to all his victims - and dedicate the rest of his life to working hard for the removal of this dangerous virus from our national life. It is an epidemic in Ghana, if truth be told. It is everywhere in this nation full of philandering hypocrites. It is a canker that needs excision from the Ghanaian polity.

Perhaps Professor Gyampo could set up an NGO for that noble purpose - and will be wise to do so: as it can help educate young boys nationwide to respect women and understand clearly that sexual harassment is evil. Above all, sexual harrassment is a sickness, in a sense, and the Professor Gyampos in our midst must seek psychological counselling to help cure them of it.

Kofi Thompson
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