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09.10.2019 Opinion

Sex For Grades; BBC Attempting To Divert Public Attention From The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Scandal

Sex For Grades; BBC Attempting To Divert Public Attention From The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Scandal
LISTEN OCT 9, 2019

The timing and release of this Sex for Grades by BBC at the time the government of Ghana is struggling to deal with public outcry over government's comprehensive sexuality education policy, is an attempt to quell public discourse over this immoral curriculum and to pave way for silent implementation of same on the blindside of Ghanaians. Over the years, the British government and leaders have tried severally to influence sovereign nations in Africa to recognize rights of homosexuals. This push seems to be gaining grounds in Ghana under the current administration following government's acceptance, and with support from LBGT partners, sponsored for implementation, a curriculum that forms the foundation rock of LBGT activism and recognition in Ghana and but for the vigilance of moral society in Ghana, the British government would have succeeded in achieving this age old objective. The timely intervention by BBC with this Sex for grades is simply the British government's agenda to water down public discontent over the the curriculum.

Sex for grades, and jobs is real and common throughout the world. From basic schools to the Universities, this unhealthy practice occurs. Every effort to weed out this situation must be good news for academic fairness.

However, the manner in which BBC carried out its investigative piece isn't appropriate. The publicity generated seems to tarnish the academic certificates awarded by Universities in West Africa.

Watching the video involving the UG lecturers, I cannot see any attempt to exchange grade for sex. There are some lecturers and Teaching Assistants who had sex with students and still fail them. What about them too? The video could best fit the description of Sexual Harassment as in the case of the Unilag Lecturer. In Unilag, the pastor lecturer wanted sex for admission, and not grade.

In the Prof Gyampo of UG case, there is nowhere mentioned in the video that:

1. the "student" failed Prof Gyampo's course.

2. the "student" complained of difficulty in passing Prof's course.

3. the "student" requested for help from Prof to pass the course.

If the above conversation had taken place and the learned professor demanded sex to favour the supposed student with grade, then BBC can lay the claim of Sex for Grade. Since nothing of this sort happened, how did BBC come to establish Sex for grade against Prof? Which grade and for which course?

Is BBC telling the world that once one is a student in an institution, it is wrong for a lecturer in another department or faculty in the same institution to have a consented affair or relationship with the student?

Again, Prof Gyampo proposed to be in a relationship and marriage (Not just sex) with the "UG student" but was turned down. On the lighter side, It seems Prof is not a professor in this area ooo..he be P.O.P. He was again turned down a request for hug and I blame Prof because he rushed. Without force, the "student" after turning down both relationship-marriage and hug requests, walked away. The learned professor did not mince words when he told the "student" that she was at liberty to accept his proposed requests and must be commended for that. Nowhere did Gyampo say, that he would decline to mentor the supposed student if she refused his demands. I am therefore at a lost that this love conversation between two mature and sexually active adults is turned sex for grades. Maybe, Sex for High heel shoes would have been somehow better since Prof bought her some shoes. What a romantic and caring Prof! How many men have not been turned down before for such relationship/ marriage proposal as in the case of Prof? Many men have suffered that on countless times.

Folks, this Sex for grade thing cannot hold water. It is an attempt by the Bristish media to divert public attention given the comprehensive sexuality education discourse in Ghana. Lest we forget, the British Government is on the neck of Ghana government to give recognition to rights of LBGT and following the massive public objection, the British Government is now using her state owned media powerhouse to "kill" the debate with this Sex for Grades report when there is none. And you can see how Govt is making efforts to push for all discussions of the day and week, center on sex for grades on all media platforms. Not even police brutalities against law students is given prominence in the media space. Very soon,we will forget about the CSE and just like the Ghana-US Millitary saga, CSE would have been implemented in Ghana schools. Lets be focused. When was the last time BBC reported about the good side of Africa? Ghana Universities? BBC only report about Ghanain Universities anytime we chop last in the world univerty rankings.

Sexual advancement without consent is sexual harassment and criminal in law and in the case of Gyampo, and Dr Butakor, BBC got it wrong to tag them exchanging grades for sex. Let's continue to resist the planned implementation of CSE in Ghana in 2020, remind ourselves of hikes in utility tariffs, and taxes, as well as the increasing cost of living in Ghana. There is sex for grades in the UK too and BBC must know that.

Africa is capable of dealing with our problems and leadership must stop winning with the colonialists.


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