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08.10.2019 Article

Sex For Everything!!

By Evans Mensah
Sex For Everything!!
LISTEN OCT 8, 2019

As usual, we are going to attack BBC and call it names because it wants to "tarnish images". Yes! we are going to point fingers at people claim they are the brains behind "our downfall". But my questions are:

  1. Do some lecturers demand for sex and torment ladies/guys who turn them down?
  2. Do employers demand for sex before employing job seekers?
  3. Are some people promoted only when they give in to the sexual demands of their bosses?
  4. Do people in authority demand for SEX before they agree to do anything expected of them?

These are questions that as society, we should be finding answers to. Most people in authority are just frustrating young ladies, and in some cases guys...all because of sex. As if beauty is a crime, some Lecturers are failing students just for saying no to their advances. Some are even bold enough to tell them that "until you say yes, forget about passing my paper." Some lecturers even go to the extent of

failing male friends they perceive to be the boyfriends of these ladies. If you are from a poor home and you find yourself in such a situation, what would you do? Do you continue to fail and face the wrath of your parents or give in to this lecturer and have "your peace of mind"? This is the dilemma most of our ladies find themselves in everyday!

Some of these lecturers are taking undue advantage of these "voiceless" young ones in our various institutions and workplaces. The situation is even worsened by the silence of society. We urge these people on by attacking victims who boldly come out and rather protect these vampires.

We are all aware it happens but we have kept mute and pretending nothing of sort is going on. We all know it is killing the sate but no one seems to care! Those who care too have little or no resources/voice/platform to fight this. At the universities, even SHS, how many times didn't we hear such rumors? How many times haven't we heard nurses have been posted to remote areas as punishment for turning down sex advances? What of fresh teacher trainees whose salaries are delayed because they said NO to IPPD coordinators ?............

Wrong people have been promoted and given vital positions in key state institutions because they willingly gave in to the demands of these selfish individuals. Meanwhile, many other intelligent people couldn't reach the climax of their academic/professional lives due to sexual harassment. Some, out of frustration, either resigned from work or stopped schooling. Some also gave in, became bitter, and are punishing others for the sins of people they probably might not ever see. Given the chance, a lot of people will come out and narrate the ordeals they go through everyday at the workplace/school but because of how society defends these nation wreckers, they'd rather keep mute and suffer in silence.

You may hate those who come out with such recordings and claim they are enemies of our failed state but the truth is our society is sick!! There's so much madness and rot in the system that we have all looked unconcerned, even as others suffer from same. If we want the "kukrukru" to stop, let's stop the "kek3kek3". Until then, I'll always support any investigation that brings out the rot in our society...After all, anytime we have complained, they asked for evidence.

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