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07.10.2019 Feature Article

Democracy: Africa`s downfall

Democracy: Africa`s downfall
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History is a reliable source of good information on how countries should be governed in certain times of their history regardless of what other nations' values are respecting the principles of human rights. Countries not united inside on a spiritual, emotional and intellectual level to see a traditional territory as one or a new one drafted by outside powers as the new way forward for certain people need strong leadership to move into a glorious future. Historic failures do not mean lessons and standards developed out of lessons are invalid and foreigners cannot help to boost societies much in need of outside input.

Russia before Katharina the Great, the only woman in the world ever having been given the title "The Great", a young woman married to Zar Peter coming from a humble royal family in Germany raised the country to its present form, the biggest country in the world by landmass. She implemented the book of law in a society based on "private/traditional laws". Peter the Great, apprentice for years in Germany to learn various crafts to put to good use for Russia under his reign and for establishing St. Petersburg to gain access to the Baltic Sea, when challenged by tribalism, raised to the occasion to make his mark for the interest of many putting the few in their rightful lower place.

Kublai Khan, the Mongolian Emperor, reigning over a diverse country with the help and advice of foreigners with iron will and hand, was creating a China of great magnitude in the region expanding beyond the drafted borders as far as Europe via the Silk route. China today with is vast population has come out of the darkness of a failed political system only with the central powerful will of a government that strictly follows its belief accepting human rights violations to create jobs for Millions on the move around the country and world.

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, has cleaned up Kigali and made it a beautiful capital city unlike the once of its neighbouring countries to empower its people, after the 1994 genocide, for a great future; even human rights aspects are not always observed as wished. Kings of Sweden were at times selected from among German royal families and mandated to take the highest position in the country. Queen Silvia of Sweden, a German from Munich, has great influence on the wellbeing of the northern nation loved by the people. Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, was not only the love of her life but had formed her thinking and acting to form the British Empire developed into a prosperous Commonwealth of Nations. The founder of modern Singapore, Mr. Lee, ruled with a strong hand to take the country out of misery into a fruitful nation standing tall in the region and beyond the world with no natural resources on hand.

When countries and Nations are in need at certain times of their history, people expose itself as wise people paving way for foreigners to manage their interests their affairs in due respect to a prosperous future for the countries.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was educated and USA and UK to get his ideas for Panafricanism and a strong African Union, a combination of White mentality and the progress of another race in its own rights and traditions of a troubled continent, especially the mandated leader of Africa, Ghana. What has and is working for the White Man does not mean it is the right and the best way for Africa to move forward facing countries not as nations but a gathering of tribes fighting each other with limited resources of exposure to education in its own rights and not as a White Man´s copy cat. In the light of the historic fact that Mali used to send doctors to Pharaos being further advanced in any field of sciences - at a time in Europe the Whites were still jumping from tree to tree - than anyone in Egypt, Africans are well adviced to reflect and learn from its own rich history realising all humans around the world are Blacks, some only come in white colour these days.

As much as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was exposed to the idea of Democracy of the White Man and seen the great advantages this form of governance helps the Whites to progress in life, his enthusiasm was making him not see that not every concept at all times in the history of people is the best option for governance. Communism failed not only because of its inner core but also as it was first implemented in agricultural land (Russia) instead of an industrialized country.

To form the Republic of Ghana in 1960 at a time the country was vastly divided in its inner core, its spirit of witchcraft, tribalism and greediness of the elite, failed governments passed through the history of the young country until J.J. Rawlings raised two times to the occasion to take charge and end its people misery, a half-cast with a Scottish father, a white man.

In Ghana people are convinced the death of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was caused by the participation of the CIA, it was the Americans again in 1992 forcing J.J. Rawlings to put a new democratic constitution in place ending his form of Dictatorship. The USA government had realized that a strong Ghana united under one strong leader would be a terrible threat to their interests and its allies. They knew the weaknesses of the Africans and wanted to control the African development to match their interest being certain Democracy would be the best way to maintain corruption and inefficiency to a level that can be managed and leveled out by AID support. The threat Africa could rise above them one day by means of Over Population is a nightmare in the weak White Man´s spirit.

Any White Man seriously and honestly interested to assist African countries to transform their societies to prosper into its rightful place will always face the consequence of opposition from the White Man´s own societies and sees his most likely untimely end. Over Population yet sets new standards and turns the table around to open a realistic chance for Whites to serve African Nations well in power positions.

Behind closed doors the White Man is laughing about the black Africans that are not realizing the big game played against them; while the Whites on official occasions smile into the faces of the Black Man stretching out his sweating hands ready to fight any ideas that could potentially make them be the Junior in the power struggle of dominion over the planet.

Africans say Homosexuality is a disease brought by the White Man onto the African continent, a statement that certainly can be debated while Democracy has proven itself by historic facts that currently it is not the best option of Africa, rather destructive. When Africa wants to take its torch of rulership over earth and take the mandate given serious, Kingdom as governance seems to be the best option; Kingdom not inherited but elected and with tools of guidance from history to make the outcome for their nations the best possible.