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06.10.2019 Feature Article

Politics in Ghana Can Give The Common Man High Blood Pressure

Politics in Ghana Can Give The Common Man High Blood Pressure
LISTEN OCT 6, 2019

Politics in Ghana or Africa, in general, can give a common man or a mother, a lot of health issues, including stress, chronic headache, cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension.

The fact that politicians don’t fulfill their promises and lack the knowledge to create a stable economy, has brought untold hardships to common Ghanaian citizens, leading to anxiety, high blood pressure, and other health issues.

At times, writers living in the Diaspora are confronted with the question, what do you know about Ghana? But the fact is living outside Ghana doesn’t mean you don’t know about what is going on in your country.

As a matter of fact, Ghana is a peaceful country but one of the toughest countries to live in West Africa because of the high standard of living. Nothing in Ghana, including food is cheap; every commodity is expensive, making life unbearable to the common man.

Renting accommodation, utilities, like electricity, water, gas, landline, internet, etc, public transport or petrol if you have a car, food, depending on whether you live alone or have a family, going to the hospital when sick and children’s expenses, involve a lot of money in Ghana.

One disturbing fact about Ghana is, products manufactured in the country are not easily affordable by the common man. For example, Ghana grows cocoa, yet cocoa products in the country are extremely expensive. Common milk for breakfast and toothpaste are also expensive.

You will pay more than expected in Ghana if you want to have access to the same type of goods that exist in Europe. In fact, most things cost more in Africa than in Europe. For example, 20 Euros, can prepare a delicious meal for a family of two or three but converting 50 Euros to Ghana Cedi, can’t buy you anything to prepare a meal.

It’s tough in Ghana, yet, selfish and greedy politicians in the country, try and convince everyone that they are performing miracles for the people. They eat and sleep well but often forget that it’s the economy that holds a country but not a Cathedral or sexual education.

In my opinion, the best way to live in Ghana happily and to keep yourself free from life pressures and ailments is to pretend there are no political parties in the country or don’t depend on any political party for a miraculous economic cure.

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