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05.10.2019 Opinion

Is The NPP Government A Scam And Sham?

By Nana Kofi Ampong-Darkwah
Is The NPP Government A Scam And Sham?
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After 8 years of the shambolic governance of the Mills-Mahama led administration starring unprecedented economic crisis and gross mismanagement of state finances, Ghanaians registered their displeasure and distrust in the NDC government by massively voting for the Addo Dankwa led government-in-waiting.

Amongst the numerous promises made to the electorate in this government's bid to win power in 2016, the then-candidate Akufo-Addo continuously mentioned that the management of affairs generally had gone haywire with his evidential bases being the historic energy crisis which reached its peak insidiously and the manner by which the government had turned a deaf ear to the people. Our honourable President presented he and his government as the banner of hope for the country and promised to change the fortunes of the country with creation of jobs lying in the centre of his transformational agenda.

Upon assumption of office in January 2017, the massive rot in the economy was finally uncovered and Ghanaians were told the bitter truth that the economy literally had no legs to stand on. By dint of hard work and focus, Ghana exited the IMF programme subscribed unto by the erstwhile government due to lack of the technical know-how to manage the economy themselves. Amidst all the difficulties, this government stood the test of time and implemented its flagship programme to deliver Senior High School education to every nook and cranny of this country free of charge *(A policy whose* *materialising was highly thrown in doubt)*

Even though the economy at the time had to undergo intensive repair and sustentation, the government could not sit aloof and had to prove itself worthy of its massive election in the 2016 general election. Huge debts such as that which was lying at NHIS which nearly collapsed the scheme were paid off to restore the scheme to normalcy, a similar case in many other key state agencies. The 15 nuisance taxes were abolished as promised and utility tariffs were decreased. The interest rate was also decreased, import duties were decreased and the paperless port system was introduced all to reduce the cost of doing business in the country. In addition, 100,000 Ghanaians were enrolled in the Nation Builder's Corp Program (NABCO) as part of the job creation agenda where each worker received GHC700.00 as a monthly salary. All these happened in an economy under repair.

The Ghana Post Digital Address System was introduced as one of the big steps to fully digitising processes in the country which will hopefully soon be achieved. This will ease transactions and also go a long way to boost the economy. Teacher and nursing trainee allowances were restored, more teachers and nurses were and are still being employed and the Planting for Food and Jobs programme geared at boosting agricultural production which is at the centre of our economy had already begun putting smiles on the faces of farmers.

The clueless opposition now has no option than to attack ad hominem the President and his appointees. Clearly, the nation has been and is still being transformed strongly defying all odds under this visionary government.

Countless commendations keep coming from the IMF, United Nations and many other international bodies of high reputation. Ghana's economy is now the fastest-growing economy in the world which puts the country in an enviable position to attract more foreign investors. *Only in less than 3 years, this is heroic and monumental*

Fellow Ghanaian, saying Yes to NDC again means saying yes to hardship, yes to unemployment, yes to the abolishment of free SHS, yes to the misuse of state funds for the achievement of the parochial interest of some people, and yes to the return of Dumsor.

Let us therefore look and where we are now and where we came from and together make the thought of returning the NDC to power fade into oblivion by massively endorsing the Nana Addo led government with our votes come December 2020.

The future of our dear country lies in our hands. Let's rewrite our generational story and continue to stay positive.


Nana Kofi Ampong-Darkwah 🇬🇭

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