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The Role Of The Citizens

The Role Of The Citizens
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As citizens of our country, there are so many roles we can play to contribute greatly to the development of our country. It may be in terms of social, economic and security.

As a matter of fact many of us today are playing major roles today in the underdevelopment of our countries. For us to contribute in whichever way it may be to the development of our countries we ought to see ourselves as true citizens of such country and for us to portray such a character we must be willing to do our possible best to see to the development of our countries.

In our strives to see to the development of our countries, there are roles we need to play.

First of all as citizens who are striving to see our country develop we need to pay tax as it is obligatory. Many of us today want Government to put up infrastructure and make sure social amenities reach the larger population. It is very true that the government in power needs to do that but he cannot do it from his pocket, therefore, the need for us to pay tax which will be used to cater to our needs as a community.

Secondly, taking a keen interest in issues of security in the country. We can all see the rate at which crime is being committed in the country today all these things are happening because we the citizens are not security conscious and their not willing to help those charged with the responsibility to curb crime in doing so but rather helping criminals in committing and also hiding them under our shades without exposing them.

We can also contribute to the development of our countries by committing and dedicating ourselves to duty. Today many of us are occupying positions not impact or bring about change but because we want to gain and let the others loose but it cannot help our countries to develop. If we want to see our country develop as people we have to dedicate and commit to whichever post we are call to serve at being you a teacher, banker politician or who so ever works diligently to influence change in the society. Don't go in with the mind of becoming rich today many people accept some responsibilities because they want to make use of such opportunities to rich.



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