04.10.2019 Opinion

John Mahama Transmogrifies His Desperate Moves To An Obsession

By Antwi boasiako John
John Mahama Transmogrifies His Desperate Moves To An Obsession
LISTEN OCT 4, 2019

For many, John Mahama's desperation in his comeback agenda cannot be underestimated. Now he has transmogrified his desperate moves to an obsession.

The Minister of Education has given ample evidence to convince Ghanaians that CSE would not be part of the course outline to be taught our children in schools, but Mahama, out of his dearth of any concrete message, is plotting to capitalize on this issue to muddy the waters.

There is enough evidence to show that the NDC flagbearer is frantically and busily mobilizing his party folks to stage a demonstration against the Akufo-Addo administration over what he terms as the government's subtle moves to introduce CSE in Ghana.

Mahama's overarching desire to win power at all cost would most inevitably and indubitably lead him to invent stories, fairytales that have the potential to derail the soil the image of the country, and he doesn't appear to care as long as he can gain politically from such a move.

In an ideal situation, political leaders inspire hope as they are expected to give alternative views and opinions. If we ever hoped that Mahama cares about the well-being of Ghanaians, then we have been strangers for far too long, for winning power is paramount to him than the image of this country.

Rt. Rev. Samuel Noi Mensah of GPCC
Rt. Rev. Samuel Noi Mensah of GPCC is being disingenuous with his submission on Asempa FM's Ekosii Sen show.

His submission to the effect that the Education Ministry sneaked CSE into our curriculum is not only distorted but also insincere.

Which documents display a high probability of CSE being included in our educational structure?

Don't we have representatives of the clergy and other bodies on the board responsible for approving the curriculum to be used in our schools? Did they accept CSE?

You can clearly see that there are strenuous attempts to make a mountain out of a molehill with this issue. CSE is not in the curriculum yet this man and his friends insist that it was sneaked into it.

If this man wants to join the likes of Badu Kobi and Nigel Gaisie, he should stop hiding behind the pulpit and clothe himself with party colours.

His position on this matter loudly sends the signal that he is a politician in cassock!

The GCPP has labelled the CSE as Comprehensive Satanic Engagement in a press conference the group held today.

They have, therefore, asked the policy to be withdrawn.

What is an enigma wrapped in a world filled with confusion is how they are asking for something which has not been incorporated into our educational structure to be withdrawn.

One can see some effortful attempts to still insist that this policy exists when in actual fact it doesn't.

One needs not to overstretch the imagination to come to the conclusion that this is a deliberate ploy to create a wedge between the masses and the government.

Dear men of God, what doesn't exist cannot come to life just because you say so. We don't need to possess magical powers to know that you are holding on to straws because CSE is non-existent in our curriculum.

Kindly take note, CSE is not part of the school system in Ghana.

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