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05.10.2019 Editorial

We Must Support The EC

By Daily Guide
Jean Mensap – EC Chairperson
LISTEN OCT 5, 2019
Jean Mensap – EC Chairperson

Only those who were used to the manipulation of an Electoral Commission (EC) of the previous order would question the integrity of its current managers.

Eric Edem Agbana, a Deputy National Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is reported to have said that his party does not trust the EC. He makes us wonder whether he is not aware that his party leadership have moved on from their previous position of mistrust of Mrs. Jean Mensa and expressed their readiness to work with her and the EC. Indeed, the now more regular and enhanced IPAC meetings in which the NDC representatives are features attest to this fact. Has he not been following trends in his party?

The NDC is a strange party and can do anything to prosecute their agenda. Perhaps Edem's talk represents the boardroom impression of the party about the EC; a far cry from what they said outside.

Be it as it may, there is now an EC wearing a new face; one which is not veiled but open for the public to see anytime they wish to.

The NDC has always had an EC which is clement to their cause. The new arrangement at the elections managing entity is something they are not used to, hence their apprehensions is justifiable.

There is no longer in place an EC whose head receives a vehicle gift from a politician.

If this is the beginning of a campaign of abrasion against the EC, they better stop it because like the previous ones, it is bound to fail.

Was not the NDC which asked those opposed to Charlotte Osei's headship of the EC to stop as she put it 'harassing her' so that she could work effectively? They too must stop badmouthing the EC under its current management so that they can deliver on their mandate of administering elections in the country.

Having touched base with their stakeholders, the EC has carved an outstanding image for the institution.

Edem and for that matter the NDC are still sulking about the outcome of the referendum for the creation of new regions. They would have rather the status remained, hence the continuous ranting many months after the electoral exercise.

Fearing that the residents of the newly created regions would not take kindly to their opposition to the creation, they veil their resentment with a remark they are nonetheless in favour of the augmentation.

What they are unhappy about, according to Edem, is that the EC did not manage the referendum well. Arrant nonsense!!! It was obvious that residents or even indigenes in the areas from where the regions were carved were in favour of the creation.

Nobody can, under the current dispensation and advancement in IT, rig an election in the country. It is just not possible, we can bet our compatriots. When the NDC embarks on this nonsense, they are only preparing the minds of their supporters for the outcome of the 2020 polls, which even their founder himself, has said they would lose.

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