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03.10.2019 Feature Article

Comprehensive Sexuality Education- A Politician's bet with the Devil.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education- A Politician's bet with the Devil.
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Leaders of the world especially of the western nations could not withhold their grounds on matters of sexual orientation and at the pressure of Pro-Gay organisations, gave in to grave and corrupt sexual practices all in the name of freedom.

Africa as a continent of proper human values and conservatism has resisted every attempt to mass allow these abominable acts which even animals do not do.

The gay argument shifted to finding evidence in nature to buttress the point that even some apes engage in homosexuality. The question still remains: are homo sapiens not higher and intelligent than animals? Must we therefore mimicked their behaviour in the name of exist in nature?

The argument then shifted to finding evidence in science, Biology. Wit to say, gayism is genetic and therefore cannot be faulted with the practitioners.

John Hopkins Hospital in the U.S and other scientific research and studies found no evidence in biology.

Yet still the proponents of destruction, the "licensed enemies" of proper sex and natural intercourse still fight on with strange finding.

Already African battle the notion of the west that Africa is not a country but a continent. Some ridiculous research into primitive behaviours in Africa found some evidence of the existence of homosexuality among some tribes.

These proponents wanted to use the "single story" syndrome to juxtapose that homosexuality is indeed African.

Forgetting that Africans exist in different tribes with various cultural aspirations.

The desire to use such a weak proposition to link all Africans to homosexuality is just not mischievous but born out of deception.

Several arguments are being postulated for purposes of advocacy by pro-gay activist.

Now what comes to mind is the political factor. African politicians are known to always be cutting deals from foreign powers and NGOs in order to win political power. These deals come with certain conditions that will not favour the populace but unfortunately our politicians knowing that we will always take political sides and ignore the very subject matter.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education is a misplaced priority because Ghana is not exposed to predatory sexual advances like in some countries. Also, the existing social arrangement that we have towards sex education is okay to continue with.

It is very disappointing that the honourable Minister will set Ghana on a time bomb for such a subtle attempt to reorient the thinking of the Ghanaian future and make it more open to the demoniacs of homosexuality.

It is evil in no uncertain terms, an attempt to bring God's wrath upon the nation and a bad precedent being towed by the Akufo-Addo administration.

Ghanaians from all walks of life must speak against it, resist it to save the next generation. This government is taking a decision that they will not be around to see its satanic effect.

Gold protect Ghana from evil and mischievous persons and save our generations forever and ever.

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